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My breasts look…bigger than usual! ;)


This is one of the first photos captured with my new lens!

Sinful Sunday

Support the Burlesque Toy Shop Indiegogo!

BTS_Indiegogo_BannerWe need more sex positive businesses–stores that strive to not only provide great products but to add value to the community. Burlesque Toy Shop is one of those stores, and they need our help!

Right now Burlesque Toy Shop is an online-only sex shop, offering a carefully curated collection of body-safe, non-toxic toys. I had the pleasure of meeting founder Grace Love at Catalyst Con last year, and I was very impressed with her passion for providing the best, safest, and sexiest products.

Now with our help, Burlesque Toy Shop plans to spread this passion to their first brick and mortar boutique in Philadelphia on November 1, 2014.

Why should you support Burlesque Toy Shop’s campaign?

By supporting Burlesque Toy Shop, you’ll be supporting the proliferation of sex-positive businesses that actively promote non-toxic toys, sexual health, education and body-confidence.

If you’re in the greater Philadelphia area, you’ll have access to their new sex positive boutique, which means not only sexy shopping but also on-site sex education classes as well as a staff of sex educators at your disposal.

Even if you’re like me and don’t live anywhere near Philly, having a brick and mortar store means Burlesque Toy Shop will have the inventory space and flexibility to offer more unique items–which means a wider selection of products for all of us!

In addition to the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from supporting an independent, sex positive business, there are a bunch of awesome perks as thanks for donating, including the Lelo Mona 2 for a $99 donation (a $139 value!), custom hand-typed erotic poetry, gift cards, blog sponsorships, burlesque lingerie, and more!

Learn more about Burlesque Toy Shop and their Indiegogo campaign and join in here! If you want to support the campaign but don’t have the funds right now, show your support by tweeting about it, posting about it on your blog, or sharing it on other social media, using these hashtags: #IndiegogoBurlesque #BrickAndMorter #Indiegogo #TeamBurlesque.

I’m also really excited to announce that you can now see my Top Toy Picks at Burlesque Toyshop on my new landing page–check it out!


As always, if you have any questions or want me to help you decide on the right toy, email me at pennyforyourdirtythoughts [at] gmail [dot] com!


Review: Doxy Wand Massager

pennysblog_doxywand It’s no secret that I like power. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy many types of vibrators and don’t always want jack-hammer strength, but when I’m feeling lazy, wands are perfect for no fuss quickies.

So I was really excited about trying out the Doxy Massager, a relatively new wand from the UK that’s touted as “the world’s most powerful mains operated wand massager,” with up to 9,000 RPM. The Doxy’s design is similar to the Magic Wand, with a 9.5″ body attached to a 3″ long PVC head that can move around a bit. Its vibration speeds are controlled with push buttons, and it has a ~9 ft. long cord.

So since I’m a Magic Wand lover, and they seem similar, how does the Doxy compare?

To start, the Doxy has a wider range of vibration. At its low speeds, it’s weaker than the Magic Wand, at its middle speeds it’s similar in strength to the low speed on the Magic Wand, and at its high speeds it’s similar to1 the Magic Wand’s high speed. If you’re measuring by RPM, the Doxy might technically be the most powerful wand in the world2…but that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

pennysblog_doxyvsmagicwandYou know those rough roller coasters that are more painful than fun, the ones that thrash your neck around and leave you with an overpowering headache so you can’t even feel the dips and turns anymore? That’s how my clit feels when using the Doxy.

Though the Doxy is very powerful at its highest speeds, it’s not a good kind of power. The vibration is very buzzy, and my clit immediately starts to itch like crazy–it’s unpleasant and desensitizing.

At its middle speeds, the Doxy feels similar to the Magic Wand, but to me it still feels buzzier. The lowest 2 speeds of the Doxy are the deepest and most enjoyable, but they’re weaker than the Magic Wand. The pulse setting has potential, but I wish you could control the intensity of the pulse rather than just the speed3

When you turn on the Doxy, it doesn’t start at its lower power setting, as most vibes do, it starts near full power. I don’t like this design because I prefer to work my way up in vibration strength, and since I don’t like the higher settings, it means I have to turn it down every time I turn on the Doxy. Otherwise the Doxy is easy to use though.

Sound wise, the Doxy is very quiet at its low settings (much quieter than the Magic Wand), but when you turn it up, it sounds like an airplane taking off, and unless you want to close your eyes and imagine a mile high club fantasy, it’s distracting and not discreet.

pennysblog_doxywandheadAs for cleaning, the Doxy’s head is made of PVC, so it’s porous and can’t be share with non-fluid bonded partners. It’s also obviously not waterproof since it’s a plug-in, so I clean mine by wiping it with a soapy rag, taking care not to get water on the rest of the wand.

The Doxy seems like it should be better than the Magic Wand. It has a wider range of speeds, a pulse setting, and higher potential RPM. But I don’t judge vibes based on their qualities on paper–my clit makes the ultimate decision. And apparently my clit is pickier than I thought, because although they’re similar in strength, my clit is fiercely loyal to the Magic Wand, and it turns its nose up at the Doxy.

So, will your clit/balls/perineum/penis/tentacles like the Doxy? Obviously I can’t say for sure. If you enjoy very intense, buzzy vibration, you might love the Doxy. If having a wide range of vibration and a pulse setting in a wand is really important to you, the Doxy might work.

But if you’re just looking for a strong no fuss wand, I’d recommend the Magic Wand over the Doxy–it’s similar (and in my opinion better), and it’s $75 cheaper. If you’re in the UK and the Hitachi isn’t an option, Lilly recommends the Smart Wand Large over the Doxy4 And if the Magic Wand/Doxy/Smart Wand seem like too much for you but you still want a wand, I’d recommend the Mystic Wand instead.

If you do decide on a Doxy and are in the US, use the coupon code DOXYUSA for £12.99 off of your order from Belle de Soir. For UK readers, the Doxy is on sale for  £69.99, and there’s also a sale running right now that includes the Doxy, a glass toy, and lube for  £89.99.

Thanks Belle de Soir!


  1. and maybe even stronger than 

  2. compared to the Magic Wand’s 5,000-6,000 RPM 

  3. you can only control the time it takes for the vibration to build from low to high. 

  4. and I trust her opinion. 

True Cock


Pictured: Tantus Vamp

So I haven’t actually seen the show True Blood, but I read most of the Sookie Stackhouse books with the exception of the last few (which weren’t out yet) a few years ago and loved them. I’m planning on re-reading the series and finishing them all…and I’m wondering if I should give the show a shot too. I’ve heard good things about it, but I’ve also heard it’s quite different from the books. Thoughts anyone?toywithmetuesday


I shot this self portrait about a month ago, during a thunderstorm. I usually avoid taking nudes around where I live because there are always people around, but because of the wind and rain, no one was outside besides a few cars driving by occasionally. I put my camera on my tripod in a hurry, grabbed my poncho, and snapped a few before I got soaked.

Maybe it’s just my Catholic upbringing, but this shot reminds me of the Virgin Mary, with the back-lighting from a light post, and the rays created by shadows from the deck…so this week I’m extra feeling extra sinful:

I’m a whore, my

cunt is magic.

I’ll christen you

with my sweat and blood

and cum, I’ll let you

wash my feet.

In return, I’ll spoil you, smear

you with my juices,

I’ll wipe away those petty,

clean thoughts.

I’ll make you immaculate.


 Immaculate was chosen as a top photo in this week’s Sinful Sunday Round-up–thanks Cara & Molly!

Sinful Sunday


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