5 thoughts on “About Penny”

  1. rachel dodds

    Just read your review on Dona Lotus salts as the website JO has listed on the sample I received doesn’t exist. This is GREAT info!! So glad I found your blog.
    Rachel Dodds

  2. Penny (Vineyard Road)

    Hello Penny!

    I have been inundated with questions regarding if your site and photos… are actually me! Silly readers, always looking for me to show myself. Haha.

    It was a pleasure to find your blog and *meet* you.

    Well wishes and Cheers to you!

  3. Penny Post Author

    Hello Penny! It’s a pleasure to *meet* you and your blog as well! You’ve never shown a photo of yourself on Vineyard Road? I bet your readers are dying for a peek :) I will definitely join your thirsty Thursday happy hours!

    1. Penny (Vineyard Road)

      I look forward to your company for Happy Hour, Penny!

      As far as posting a pic on Vineyard Road? Well, it does not take much to find photos of me on the internet!
      Google is such a lovely tool for the curious! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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