Acting Natural

Today Jake and I went out hiking to take photos for one of my classes, and since the park was pretty deserted, I decided to try my 1st attempt at a public nudity/scavenger hunt image. So, what do you think? :)

Acting Natural

Sinful Sunday

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29 thoughts on “Acting Natural”

  1. Evoë Thorne

    That’s a fantastic photo! I love everything about it. I love your t-shirt, which I assume says “dirty” and is such an interesting commentary on both the roots in the background and your flashing. There’s also a great symmetry between your hair and the roots. It’s just gorgeous.

  2. jemima101

    Oh my….this is such a sexy image, the beautiful breasts I want to reach out and touch, your hair, the way you are turning your head away shyly…

    I discovered the thrill and joy of public nudity many years ago…although only with the Domly one have I been pushed to my limits, welcome to a really fun club :)

  3. Missy Little

    truly gorgeous shot, and you are amazingly beautiful. love the background. what looks like roots of a fallen tree, or piles of broken twisted limbs, a powerful counterpoint against your vibrant sensuality. for me, it is as if you bewitch us until we are fallen.

  4. Stranded

    There are so many beautiful things right about this pic…where to begin…where to begin?

    For starters, I love the fact that the word “dirt” is distorted as I hate that word in reference to any of our kinks/lifestyles/whatever.


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