Yesterday, someone found my blog by searching for the term “does Hitachi ruin sex life?” I got these kinds of “how will sex toys affect my sex life” questions and comments frequently when I worked at the sex shop, from straight up ones like “will this vibrator make me go numb eventually?” to the more subtle “I want something small so I don’t scare him” to the snide boyfriend’s “that better not replace me” remark. My least favorite ones were the curious but nervous friends that would say judgmental things like “I don’t need one, I have a boyfriend” while their friends purchased a new vibrator.

Everyone’s sexual preferences are different, and there is no “correct” way to get off. Although I can get off (clitorally) without toys, I love the quick, powerful orgasms my Hitachi gives me. And I can’t have a gushing g-spot orgasm without a good toy or someone else’s help (hand cramp anyone?) But who cares? I certainly don’t, and I’m thankful for my boyfriend’s thick fingers and hard toys with specially designed curved tips. There’s nothing wrong with wanting or needing a sex toy. And as far as replacing my partner? Can a vibrator pull my hair, pinch my nipples, or spank my ass? How about listen to my breathing and moans and respond accordingly? No.

My point is, there’s nothing wrong with using sex toys or whatever sexual exploration you choose. If you can’t get off without a vibrator, so what? If you can give yourself a screaming orgasm with only your hand, or with your mind, or with multiple partners, or by staring at photos of feet while you tickle your asshole, good for you. I won’t judge your sex life, as long as it’s safe and consensual.  Like I said before, there’s no wrong way to get off, unless you have a problem with it. And if you truly find yourself feeling a harmful “addiction” to vibration or less sensitive, all you have to do is stop using vibration for awhile or even switch to a lower setting, and you’ll soon regain your sensitivity (Getting Off.) This has never happened to me though, and I’ve been using jack-hammer powered plug in vibrators for 9 years now…

and guess what? I’m proud to be a Hitachi “addict.”

Sinful Sunday


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20 thoughts on “Addicted”

  1. SubReiSkyeM

    Ooh I got my first wand the other day and I’m in love with it. It’s not a Hitachi but I don’t think that even matters. People who are judgmental about sex toys should just shut up and leave us to it. We aren’t harming anyone!

  2. Silverdrops

    To answer: “That toy better not replace me.”

    “Until you learn how to make your cock vibrate as hard as a Hitachi, you don’t have to worry about you and the toy fulfilling the same role.”

    On another note, my bf (who is a HUGE fan of toys) responded to your post by pinching my nipple, spanking my bottom, and pulling my hair. 🙂

  3. Molly

    The ‘looking at picture of feet while you tickle your arsehole’ line really made me laugh and I completely agree there is no right or wrong way. For me personally I am a finger girl when it comes to my clit (or if I am very lucky his mouth). I used to use vibrators a alot but found that I was getting to the point where I could not cum without one… so I stopped. Took a little while to train my body back again but I didn’t like the fact that I finding cumming hard (excuse the pun) without a vibe… and sometimes you just want to be able to slip your fingers in your panties and….


    1. Penny Post Author

      I definitely enjoy using only my fingers, especially during sex…but I’m glad to have my Hitachi also… Yay for whatever gets us off, vibrating or not 🙂

  4. Mia

    This is a fabulous post and being the user of “jack-hammer” vibrators myself now for over 20 years – go Hitachi and other similar powerful toys!!!!

    Gorgeous picture too!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. Yes, THAT Tonya (@TisforTMI)

    I am still a Hitachi virgin. I am a big fan of extra strong vibrators, but the egg vibe I have takes care of me quite nicely. I’ve actually learned over recent months that, when done correctly, fingering myself with a light touch until the very last moments actually works better than any vibrator at all. 🙂

  6. Emily

    I love this post! It is so sex positive! I have felt a bit of a sex failure at times because I really am not at all keen on vibrators. Pretty much anything can get shoved in me and on my clit as long as it doesn’t vibrate. When I have orgasmed with a vibrator it has never been very nice, weird as that may sound. Thanks for your positivity.

  7. Jack and Jill

    Toys are awesome! As you say, there is no correct way to get off. The notion that someone could say something like “I have a boyfriend” just goes to show how dissatisfied said person must be with her sex life.

    Glorious picture! Very sexy. We’ve yet to try out a Hitachi, but it’s on our to-do list. 🙂

    1. Linda

      No they dont whant to get addicted to a sextoy like me. Wy would some one whant to vibrate away the abillity to have an orgasm whit the partner? Then you need a “toy” to be satisfied, not you partner.

      1. Penny Post Author

        Everyone has different sexual preferences and experiences, and plenty of people (like myself) use toys and don’t “vibrate away the ability to orgasm with a partner.” I don’t need a toy to be satisfied, but I enjoy them & have for years, and it has strengthened my sex life both alone and with partners. The women I was referring to were ones who make judgmental comments to their friends buying sex toys. My point in this post was that everyone is different and whatever you want to include (or in your case not include) in your sexual routine is fine (as long as it is legal/consensual.)

  8. Imwakinit

    I love the post. It is so nice to read something so sex positive. As to the Hitachi goes I know a few woman who have so much praise for the wand it has amazed me. Everyone of them say the same things about it. I have never used one myself, but from a guys point of view I do enjoy using vibes on myself from time to time. I am not sure if I want to get a Hitachi for that sole purpose, but reading Molly’s post make me realize that is not the only purpose of said Hitachi, it is just the most used reason.

    Love the pic, nice and teasy. 😉

  9. MrM

    Hell yea. There’s no right or wrong way to get off. Plus, I don’t think people are thinking this through. There are companies making toys to make orgasms better, so why put all that hard work to wast?

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