60 thoughts on “Black & White vs. Color”

  1. SilverDomUK

    I like them both – with a slight preference for the colour version. In that, my eyes are drawn to the bright red of your lips (and me a breast man!). Perhaps my favourite would be the black and white with your lips still red?

  2. Flip

    HOnestly, I’m torn. The b&w image is stunning, but I love your lip colour in the 2nd version.
    Meh, I’m going to have to remain on the fence with this one

    Flip x

  3. Rosa Theresa

    Both are very appealing but the color one justifies the cropping. Without the color the green is lost and the interesting texture is not as relevant in b&w. My vote goes to color.

  4. Jane

    I can’t decide! The red of your lips really creates a contrast with the grass and makes a star of the background in that second shot, but the black and white version brings all the focus to you and your lovely, creamy skin. Form versus colour. I love both. Jane xxx

  5. Cara Sutra

    I love the colour one. The fact you’re in a green field and the redness of your lips and your nipples so pronounced against against your youthful, creamy flesh.
    The black and white works well too, but I prefer the colourful one slightly more. Another top fave of mine this week

  6. KaziG

    I generally prefer outdoor pics to be in colour. However, in this case, I’m going to go for the B&W for the light play on your body which seems more enhanced that way.

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. Teal Valentine

    I couldn’t possibly decide – the black & white looks incredible, but I love your lips and the brightness of the green against your skin in the colour version. They’re both amazing!

  8. Molly

    I love black and white too but as I said in my post I found that oftentimes images shot outdoors lose something when you turn them to black and white, the richness of the colours and light and I think in this case that applies here.

    In the second image you can see the sunlight on the green behind and it gives it a warmth that implies it is a summers day and you are basking in the weather, in the top image that message is lost. It is still beautiful but not as rich as the second one


  9. Dangerous Lilly

    You know I generally love B&W but I can’t put my finger on why I like the color version better. I might feel differently if the B&W had had a different “filter” on it (making the greens lighter or the red lighter or more high density, etc) but for this? Color. Hands down.

    Also the photo is just really well done all around, with a stunning model. So that helps πŸ™‚

  10. steve

    Colour: this image is just bustin’ with the life-force and so it seems wrong-headed to render all that lushness in mono. Nice photo!

  11. MarQe

    Hi …… Lovely images! I tend to favour B&W as a rule, what I’d really like to do is leave the red lips on the B&W image …. !!

    MarQe x

  12. Beck

    They are both really lovely. I think I like the black and white just a bit more. The shadows bring out the lines of your rib cage, which looks so beautiful.

  13. fridayam

    I prefer the colour one because the body loses tone against grey-greenery. I would take Silver Dom’s good idea further and experiment with colourising the photo a la Victorian tinted photos πŸ™‚ x

  14. Malflic

    They are both beautiful but this I like the color one just a little more. Like Silver Dom said it’s the lips. The color makes them just a little more tempting and seductive (to me) this time around.

  15. Γ…sa Winter

    I can’t quite decide which I like more. The colour version is very vibrant but the black and white feels classy and seductive.

    Γ…sa x

  16. Emma Whispers

    Absolutely stunning as usual! I love both, but perhaps the colour has a slight more edge to it because of your fantastic lipstick and the contrast it creates against your skin and background xx

  17. Heaven

    It is always so hard to choose black and white and color images when they both look so wonderful. I like them both myself.

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