46 thoughts on “Bodega Shoot”

  1. Mr. Will

    I need to move closer to friends that enjoy photography, I think. Wonderful pics, the whole set. I like 3 most, but that’s got a lot to do with your eyes! πŸ™‚

  2. Molly

    They are all captivating but I think my favourite is the 3rd one… something about the contrast with the red and you beautiful blond hair


  3. ExhibitA

    After spending several hours minutes studying these, my vote goes to the first photo – just because of how relaxed you look, I think.

    …though I should probably check them all again one more time, just to be sure…

  4. Mariasibylla

    Gorgeous! My favorites are the first (playful and flirty and adorable glasses) and the last one (love how relaxed you are, twirling your hair, and your red toenails really pop). But truly, they are all incredible.

  5. SassyCat

    OMG. Those are amazing. Very professional & magazine worthy. I love the second photo. There is something alluring in your facial expression. Seductive perhaps.

  6. Cara Sutra

    The first looks like a summery advert, very professional and pretty! I love the last photo too, but the second to last has your lovely face… I can’t choose!

    Cara xxx

  7. sub-Bee

    Oh wow! They’re all stunning, how do I choose? I think I like the 3rd one the best, the colours contrast so well, but I also love the look on your face in the 2nd one too, it’s so intriguing!

  8. Dusty b

    They all suck Leo sucks lol just joking good job great model I like the one of you sitting at the edge of the bed best

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