27 thoughts on “Bush”

  1. ShadowedSeductress

    I LOVE your bush! It’s sexy and great to see someone who isn’t worried about being shaved all the time. Personally, I have times where I shave, and times where I keep my bush. I love having the option to do what I want with it. Kind of want to do some fun shapes soon:)

  2. Jane

    Oh, what a decision to make. You look gorgeous – but I totally get the urge to landscape a little during the hot summer months. Either way, you’ll look perfect. Jane xxx

  3. Marie Rebelle

    You really have a beautiful bush and somehow I think you should keep it. I have not have a bush since my early 20’s and cannot imagine how it must feel to have one. But shaving daily sometimes is a pain…

    Rebel xox

  4. Molly

    I think it looks beautiful on you. I shaved mine off years ago and I would never go back to having one. I have VERY dark hair and it was so thick and course. It felt like it was a blanket over my pussy.

    I love the top image, the tattoo, the hair covering your breasts, the beautiful pubes and SOCKS


  5. Mia

    Gorgeous set of pictures!

    As for shaving that is for you to decide, however, if you do shave and you do not like you can always grow it back!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. Harper Eliot

    Great photos! And I have to say, I’m very pro-choice on the shaving/not-shaving issue, and go through different phases myself… but yours is particularly beautiful. I’m not surprised you’re enjoying it!

  7. Pete Symes

    I would like to propose a Weekly Bush Bulletin ( WBB) so as to keep abreast as to Shaved or Not Shaved (SNS) status. I admit it is a flimsy ploy to see more pictures of your nethers SNS. Thank you for your consideration. (and bush) (or not bush) A win win in any configuration IMHO.

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