Cat Signal


I captured this self portrait last week  while I was shooting my Striped images. (It didn’t match the others in style so I wanted to save it for another post.) It’s not the first cat signal I’ve captured, nor is it the first time my kitty has joined me for a self portrait.

Sinful Sunday

44 Responses to “Cat Signal”

  1. SilverDomUK says:

    You cat is almost as photogenic as you. Almost. :)

  2. Tabitha says:

    Wow – beautiful image x x

  3. Jane says:

    Catbomb! So far, our Scottie dog has managed to stay out of frame. Only a matter of time I suspect … Jane xxx

  4. I adore this picture.

  5. Isn’t it just wonderful that pets happen to be on photos where they don’t belong? Love it!

    Rebel xox

  6. KaziG says:

    Heheh… great shadow play there :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. Molly says:

    I love it… and I am very excited to say that I have cats again… 2 of them in fact. They have only been a few weeks but they are settling in well and I have a feeling that they will both be making unplanned appearance very soon.


  8. Ava Grace says:

    This photo is majestic with a beautiful narrative quality. ava x

  9. Lori says:

    I love this shot. Your kitty seems very regal. :)

    You do the best shots with sun shining through. HUGS lori

  10. Rori says:

    LOVE that picture! Of course, if you had actually wanted the cat to do that, it would have never happened! :-p

    • Penny says:

      Haha, so true. I didn’t intend for the bat signal shadow, but I did lie very still when I realized she’d be in frame & hoped for the best! :)

  11. I think your cat is Batman ;-)
    Amazing image, love everything about it xx

  12. sub-Bee says:

    This made me laugh, luckily our cat is a little camera shy and mostly keeps out of the way but I’m sure one day we’ll have some cat-bombed images.

  13. Åsa Winter says:

    Yup, our cat is either fully in the shot or stood in the way of the light!

    Åsa x

  14. Heaven says:

    Your kitty just likes to take pics just as much as you. It is a good thing they are not camera shy. You look amazing as always!

  15. John says:

    There’s a joke to be had about capturing a pussy in shot, but I won’t be the one to make it! :-)

    Great picture … as always! :-)

  16. Cara Sutra says:

    This is such a gorgeous picture I would happily put this in a frame and place it on the wall. Love erotic art, love boobs, love p.. um, cats (hehe)

    Thank you for sharing, I think you have captured a subtle and elegant hotness perfectly.

  17. Serafina says:

    What a delightful image with strong contrasts.

  18. Gotta love the curious cats – I’ve got more than a few where one or ‘tother has decided to see what’s up.

    You both look lovely :)

    xx Dee

  19. Beck says:

    Cats will forever barge right into a picture. Those fuzz balls. I love them. :D

  20. This is so cool! I love how you can only see the actual legs of your cat and the rest is shadow.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You have got a perfect body.And a perfect mind also.I hope one day to see a full naked photo of your great body.

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