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True Cock


Pictured: Tantus Vamp

So I haven’t actually seen the show True Blood, but I read most of the Sookie Stackhouse books with the exception of the last few (which weren’t out yet) a few years ago and loved them. I’m planning on re-reading the series and finishing them all…and I’m wondering if I should give the show a shot too. I’ve heard good things about it, but I’ve also heard it’s quite different from the books. Thoughts anyone?toywithmetuesday



Pictured: Jopen Comet Wand 2 (one of my faves!)


Sex Blogger Life

I’ve wanted to update my Bio page for awhile now, and as I was working on it this week, I realized I didn’t have a photo that really captures me and my blog as well as I’d like. I have a lot of sensual nudes and artsy self portraits on here, which make me look rather serious at times, when in reality I am quite silly. I do love my Pure Wand Self Portrait, but I wanted one where you can see me better.

So I got the idea of taking some “Sex Blogger Life” images (inspired by Piph’s hashtag #sexbloggerlyfe.) I wanted them to be self portraits of course, and I wanted to be surrounded by sex toys.

Setting up the shots turned out to be challenging–juggling the difficult angle, getting all of the toys laid out, positioning myself amongst them, and paying attention to the usual photo stuff like focus, lighting, and posing was difficult. I wanted to hold my camera in some of the shots, but since I don’t have two cameras (yet), I used an extra lens instead.

I’m really happy with how these three came out…what do y’all think? Let me know which one(s) are your favorites, so I can decide which to feature on my Bio page!




Sinful Sunday

Sexual Fantasy


Pictured: Violet Blue’s The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, Tantus Plunge & Ryder (in a unique Grab Bag color), Fun Factory B Balls, and the We Vibe Tango.


Red, White, & Lube


I shot this photo for the World Cup theme for this week’s Sinful Sunday.

I’m not a sports fan…but I still like to score! ;)

Sinful Sunday

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