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Sookie & Splash


This image didn’t make the cut for my review photos, but I figured I should still share it, because who doesn’t love photos of sex toys & cats?! The Splash is an awesome silicone dildo from Tantus by the way–it was the runner up for the best dildo I tried in 2014! It’s on sale right now, get it for $51.13 with code PENNY at checkout!

See more photos of Sookie the cat/sex toy model here or on Pinterest!


Sex Toy Black Friday Weekend Sales!

Great news, y’all! You can stock up on holiday gifts (and goodies for yourself!) with these ridiculously awesome Black Friday Deals! Avoid the Black Friday madness…and get toys for cheap!

I’ve collected the best deals from my fave toy makers & stores to make your shopping quicker and easier:



Exclusive sale! Use code PENNY40 at check out to get 40% off of 3 of my fave toys from Tantus: the Splash (my review), Juice, &/or Ryder (my review)!

There are also a bunch of great sales on the Tantus Black Friday page, but here are some of my favorites:


Get 30% off when you get a dual density toy & a vibrating harness! My favorites are the Adam O2 (my review) & Flurry O2 (my review), but I’ve heard great things about the Cush O2 (pictured) as well!


Get 40% off when you get a paddle (like the awesome Plunge) & gag!


Space Toys starting at only $35.99! I have never seen these discounted this much before because everyone loves the colors–get one (or all!) now while you can!


As always, you can get an extra 15% off of your purchase with code PENNY at checkout!* Also, free US Shipping with purchases over $100, & Free International Shipping for purchases over $200!

*You can only use one discount code at a time, so either PENNY 40 for Splash/Juice/Ryder or PENNY for 15% off of everything.

(Sales end Dec 1, 11:59pm PST)



For Black Friday weekend, SheVibe is offering 10% off of orders $75 or more (code TURKEY10), 15% off of orders $100 or more (TURKEY15), & 20% off of orders of $125 or more (TURKEY20)!

Here are some of my fave toys/deals:

Pure Wand for $84.99 with code TURKEY15!

Comet for $71.99 with code TURKEY10!

Buck for $84.99 with code TURKEY15! (My review)

Mona for $103.99 with code TURKEY20! (My review)

Tango for $71.99 with code TURKEY10!

Touch for $84.99 with code TURKEY10!

Romp for $90.94 with code TURKEY15! (My review)

Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo for $183.96 with code TURKEY20! (My review)

Or, mix & match items for savings! Some other faves are the Magic Wand (my review), Bootie (my review), & the Bettie Page Spanking Bat (my review).



Get 20% off of your purchase from Lelo (even on LUXE products) & free shipping with code PENNY1!

This is your chance to get some of my favorites like the Mona (my review), Luna Beads (my review), or the Mia (my review) for less!

Lelo is also offering a free bottle of lube with all purchases over $100!

(Sale ends Monday 1st Dec. 11.59pm)



Get a free bottle of my favorite lube, Sliquid H2O (worth $12.99) when you spend $40 or more at Lovehoney!

Also–get 25% off your purchase of $80 or more from Lovehoney, plus free shipping! To have the discount applied just go here, and it will be applied automatically!

See my favorites from Lovehoney on my landing page!

Best deal: Touch for $84.74!

Or mix and match to make an $80 spend & get these deals:

Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls for $20.24! (my review)

Under the Bed Restraint Gear for $41.24! (my review)

Bettie Page Spanking Bat for $44.99! (my review)

Vixskin Tex for only $52.50! If you want one snag it now because there are only a few left!



Get select Fleshlight Sex in the Can masturbators for only $25! That’s a steal, y’all!

Fleshlight is also offering a free 8 oz. Fire & Ice Lube Pack and Shower Mount with Flight Adapter (a $73.85 value) when you spend $90.00 or more, or a free 8 oz. Fire & Ice Lube Pack, Shower Mount with Flight Adapter, and Free Fleshlight LaunchPAD (a $103.85 value) when you spend $150.00 or more! Fleshlight Girls Sleeves are also buy 2 get 1 free through November 30th!


unnamed (1)

Get 15% off of anything from my favorite lube company, Sliquid! You can also use my exclusive code DIRTYTHOUGHTS for an extra 10% off of your order!

My faves are Sassy & H2O!

Review: Fleshlight Succu Dry

pennysblog_succudry1Before I start talking specifics, can we take a moment to appreciate that the Fleshlight Succu Dry exists? You can fuck a vampire mouth with fangs. Let that sink in.

Since I don’t have a penis, this review is based on my partner Jake’s experiences with the product. And while I love my vagina, I admit I got a bit of penis envy while watching him thrust between those vamp fangs.1

If you’re not familiar with Fleshlights, they’re masturbator sleeves inside of cases that resemble flashlights. They’re made of Fleshlight’s soft Real Feel Super Skin and are modeled after orifices–vaginas, butts, mouths, etc., and you lube them up and go to town. The Succu Dry is part of the Fleshlight Freaks line, which also includes the Drac (anther vampire), Alien, Cyborg, Zombie, and Frankenstein orifices. Fleshlight, you are winning at life.

In addition to the classic Fleshlight design, they also make a line of masturbators in a smaller beer can design, like the Succu Dry, which are less expensive. The main difference between the Succu Dry and other Sex in a Can Fleshlights vs the originals is size. The canals in the original Fleshlights are 9″ long and have a diameter of .5″, whereas the Sex in a Cans are only 5.5″ long and have a diameter of .25.” If you have a bigger than average penis, you might prefer the original design.

Fleshlights come in all sorts of textures, and the Succu Dry has a unique one called “The Fang” featuring “dozens of tiny fangs that will gently bite at you until you’re drained of every last drop.” Basically, they’re nubbies with a pointed shape, but they’re soft. You can adjust the Succu Dry’s suction by tightening or loosening the bottom of the can.

pennysblog_succudry2Overall, Jake has really enjoyed the Succu Dry. He likes the unique sensations the fang texture provides, and he finds that he takes his time more with it than he would with his usual method (his hand.) The Succu Dry feels really tight, which could be either a good or bad thing based on your preferences, and he likes it, but he can only use it for up to about 20 minutes before the tightness is too much and starts to feel chaffing. He also prefers thrusting shallowly with it rather than going in and and out completely because of how tight it is.

Due to its material and tightness, the Succu Dry also requires a lot of lube. Jake’s gone through a bottle of lube already after using it for about a week. Jake has only tried one other Fleshlight (the Vibro Pink Lady with no texture), but he much prefers the Succu Dry since he enjoys the fangs texture. I’d like to have him try an original Fleshlight with texture at some point to see which he prefers.

In general Fleshlights are pretty easy to clean, you just rinse them with warm water, let them dry completely, add renewal powder if you want, and then store them. Since the Succu Dry is very textured and also very tight though, it takes a long time–about 24 hours–to dry completely, so it’s definitely not a toy you can use and stash away quickly. Since the material is porous, Fleshlights shouldn’t be shared. You should only use water based lube with Fleshlights, as silicone or oil could damage the material. If you want more info. on how to use and wash your Succu Dry, Lovehoney has helpful videos up on the product page.

If you’ve always dreamed of getting a blow job from a vampire, you’re in luck, because this Fleshlight will suck you dry. The creepily realistic fangs are just begging for your wooden stake–your Mr. Pointy! The Succu Dry is the perfect eerie and pleasurable sex toy for dark fantasies and vampire play, and it’s also a great masturbator option since the Sex in a Can toys are less expensive than original Fleshlights.

If you want the Succu Dry for Halloween, order it today or tomorrow and it should get there in time! Or order it in the next couple of days and get Express shipping for a little extra and it should be there in time as well. Let’s be honest though–any time is a good time for vampire sex play!

*UK readers, get the Succu Dry here!

Great news, y’all! You can now get 10% off of your Lovehoney purchase when you go to my page

Thanks for sending me the Succu Dry in exchange for my honest review, Lovehoney! (If you purchase through my links, you’ll be supporting my blog as I make a small commission.)

  1. I may have also chanted, fuck Druscilla!