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Review: Lelo GIGI 2

pennysblog_overtherainbowEver since I worked at a sex store and we started selling Lelos, I’ve been curious about GIGI, so when Lelo offered to send me the updated version, I gladly accepted. GIGI 2 is a silicone vibrator with a curved shaft and flat head designed for g-spot stimulation that features 8 vibration modes. Although I never tried the original, I know from reading other reviews that the new GIGI is the same size and shape as the original, but it’s now waterproof and has stronger vibrations.

I don’t usually like internal vibration, so unsurprisingly, I don’t like turning on GIGI when I’m using it on my g-spot. Instead, I use it as a dildo for g-spot stimulation, and it feels very similar to Ella, Lelo’s silicone dildo, but its shaft is slightly harder and shorter. It feels good on my g-spot, but the handle is very short, and even I start to get an arm cramp after a while (and I have really long arms.) If you have shorter arms or have difficultly thrusting toys, the GIGI is probably not the best g-spot option for you.

Although I don’t like using GIGI’s vibration internally, I do enjoy it on my clit. It’s a little underwhelming when used as a clitoral only vibe, but paired with internal stimulation I like it. The flat head sits over my clit nicely, and I also like to flip it over and nestle the curved shaft between my lips. Comparatively, GIGI 2’s vibration is about the same as my original MIA, but it’s easier to hold, especially during sex.  I don’t use any of its pulsation settings because I prefer steady vibration.

GIGI 2 compared to Ella

GIGI 2 compared to Ella

My favorite way to use GIGI is clitorally during sex, but even after I orgasm with it various times, I’m still left with a feeling of longing. Why? Because I’ve felt (update: I know have it) the MONA 2, and I know that its vibration is far superior. It’s sort of like the feeling I get after eating a generic grocery store cupcake. It’s good enough to satisfy a craving, but I still wish I had the real deal (aka rich Sweetberry heaven from Hey Cupcake.)

One thing I do like about the GIGI 2 over my other Lelo vibrators, which are both 1st generation designs (Ina & Mia) is that it’s 100% waterproof. I only use it in the shower occasionally, but what really makes the waterproof ability awesome is that it’s much easier to wash since I don’t have to worry about getting water in its charger. The GIGI 2 is also a good choice for travel since it’s small and offers options for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Like all Lelo pleasure objects, GIGI 2 comes with a user manual, storage pouch, one year manufacturer’s warranty, and it’s rechargeable and lockable for travel.

Overall, I like the GIGI 2, but it doesn’t wow me, and I would gladly trade it for MONA 2. If you’re like me and don’t like internal vibration very much, you could try the Lelo Ella instead and get the benefits of GIGI’s g-spot design for a lot less money, or the MONA 2 for more intense vibration. If you’re looking for a g-spot vibrator with a small girth, or if you prefer lighter vibrations, or both, then you would probably enjoy GIGI 2.

Get GIGI 2 from SheVibe, or directly from Lelo!

Thanks, Lelo!

Review: Lelo Mia (And how I survived with one sex toy for a month!)

As I’ve mentioned on here before, I was in Barcelona during all of July. What I didn’t mention is that I only (gasp) brought one sex toy!

When I started packing, I knew I couldn’t bring many toys because I was very limited with space and weight and also needed to be discreet since I was staying with my family.

I ultimately decided to bring the Lelo Mia since it’s petite and resembles a lipstick more than a sex toy. Mia’s USB charging was also a big factor because I didn’t want to have to deal with bringing enough batteries or using a converter to charge my toy in another country. At first I considered packing a petite g-spot dildo as well, like the Lelo Ella, but I ended up deciding against it. As much as I love my g-spot and squirting, I knew that I wouldn’t have much privacy and would probably be too busy to have long masturbation sessions.

So that’s how I ended up in Spain for a month with only one sex toy, the Lelo Mia. As a habitual masturbator and Hitachi addict, it seems weird even to me that I didn’t masturbate very much on the trip. But since I was waking up at 7am every morning, trekking all over Barcelona and the surrounding area, taking two to four hours of Spanish class every day, sightseeing, socializing, and then taking care of my 9 year old sister for the last 2 weeks by myself, I really didn’t have the time, energy, or privacy to play as much as usual. When I did masturbate, it was usually in a few minutes of seclusion or free time, and it was more for relaxation and stress relief than anything.

Of course I already knew the Lelo Mia would  be able to get me off when I packed it (after all, what could be worse than bringing only one toy that I wasn’t sure about?) Although nothing compares to my favorite vibe, Mia is actually quite strong for such a small toy, and it can bring me to orgasm within minutes. The vibration is buzzier than I usually like, but it’s still strong enough to work for me.  Since I bought my Lelo Mia this January, it’s the new improved version (the previous Mia had weaker, buzzier, and less concentrated vibration.)

The Lelo Mia has three modes of pulsing vibration, but I don’t use them; I usually start at about medium strength and quickly increase to full power of steady vibration. It’s also very quiet, and one of my friends has even said that she has used it in public places (a bathroom stall etc.) without raising suspicion. According to the user manual, the Mia takes an hour to charge (although I’ve noticed it seems to take longer) and lasts for up to an hour and a half of play. Believe it or not, I didn’t charge the Mia the whole month I was in Spain, and it was fine, although it did die shortly after.

Mia is made of ASB plastic with silicone control buttons. To clean Mia, wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, being careful not to get any water into the USB socket (Mia is NOT waterproof.) Since the buttons are made of silicone, you should only use a water based lubricant with Mia. Like all Lelo toys, the Mia comes with a one year warranty, 10 year quality guarantee, user manual, and satin storage case. My Mia is deep rose, but it also comes in black or petal (light) pink. Mia is also lockable for travel, meaning it won’t go off unintentionally in your luggage.

Overall, the Lelo Mia was a perfect clitoral vibe for my month long trip to Spain, and I definitely recommend it as a travel toy or a beginner’s clitoral vibe. It’s small, discreet, quiet, USB rechargeable, and decently strong. Unfortunately, I almost never use it when I’m not travelling. Compared to other battery powered toys or my Hitachi, Mia just can’t hang. The Mia definitely worked perfectly for my trip though, and I’m glad I didn’t bring any other larger toys since I had to move from one apartment in an extreme rush, and a couple of my relatives helped me pack all of my stuff. Mia was safely tucked away in my toiletries bag, but even if it was out it wouldn’t have been obvious. The Hitachi on the other hand…that would have taken some explaining.

Get the Lelo Mia from SheVibe or directly from LELO!


Materials: ABS/ body safe silicone

Finish: Glossy

Size: 22 by 111 mm

Weight: 30 g

Battery: Li-lon 70mAh 3.7V

Charging:  1h at 5.0V 70mA

User time: up to 1.5 hours

Standby: up to 90 days

Frequency: 120 Hz

Max Noise Level: < 50 dB

Interface: Intuitive, +/- button arrangement, 4 modes

Update: Lelo has come out with an upgraded Mia 2, which is waterproof and has stronger vibrations. I hope to try it out soon!

Review: Lelo Ina

Lelo Ina is a silicone “rabbit style” dual vibrator, meaning it is meant to provide simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation. I bought Ina last summer and was extremely excited to try it out since I had heard it was amazing from quite a few women, and I wanted a rabbit style vibrator that wasn’t made of a porous material.

Unfortunately, the first time I used Ina was like a bad first date: painfully awkward and uncomfortable. The strong vibrations felt great on my clit and labia, but when I tried to insert the internal portion all the way, it wouldn’t fit unless I used my hand to stretch the clitoral piece up so it could slide in, and once I let go, ouch! My clit hurts just thinking about the extreme pressure. For awhile, the only way I played with Ina was with the internal piece only about half of the way in (if that much,) because the clitoral piece was way too tight if I inserted it all the way.

I guess I did eventually get used to the Ina clitoral death grip, or maybe I got more daring, because I started using Ina all the way in after awhile. Even though it still feels ridiculously tight, it’s endurable, and the rumbly vibrations and crazy pressure on my clit make me orgasm within minutes. As far as the internal piece, it seems its only function is to help provide the intense clamp on my clit. I don’t feel anything on my g-spot other than vibration during some functions, and I can’t thrust with it because it hurts my clit if I do. Since the internal piece doesn’t give me what my g-spot craves (movement and pressure), I consider Ina a clitoral toy rather than an effective dual vibrator.

Ina has 8 modes controlled by up and down arrows: the first is deep, rumbly clitoral vibrations, the second is mainly internal vibration, the third is mainly clitoral, the fourth one quickly switches vibration back and forth between the clit and the internal piece, and the fifth quickly pulses both simultaneously. The 6th-8th modes all feel similar and are some version of a wave of increasing and decreasing vibrations between the 2 pieces. I like the first mode, the 2nd and 3rd bore me, the 4th and 5th feel robotic, but the rest feel pretty good, especially the 6th (rumbly waves of vibration between internal and clitoral pieces.)You can also adjust the strength of the vibrations at any time with the side control arrows. Although it sounds like a lot of functions, the controls aren’t hard to use after you read the manual and get the hang of them.

I obviously have mixed feelings about this toy. Although I like it much better now than when I first tried it, and it does get me off, I still feel the clitoral pressure is almost too intense, and I’m not often in the mood for it. Also, when I orgasm, I have to quickly pull Ina out because once the orgasm subsides, the toy is way too tight on my clit again. However, I have talked to many women who have bought Ina and absolutely love it and swear it’s the best toy they’ve ever had. My guess is that either they love crazy intense clitoral pressure, or it fits them differently than it does me. I would only recommend Ina to those seeking extremely intense clitoral vibration and pressure.

Here is a video I took to give you a quick visual of the grip of Ina’s clitoral arm:


Specs and Care

Like all Lelo vibrators, Ina is rechargeable, lockable for travel, and comes with a 1 year warranty (get a new one for free) and 10 year quality guarantee (get a new Lelo toy for 50% off.) Since it’s made of silicone, only use water based lubes with it. To clean Ina, wash the silicone portion  with warm water and antibacterial soap and pat it dry with a lint free cloth, being careful to avoid getting water on the control portion (Ina is not waterproof.)

Size: 200 x 62 x 33

Weight: 130g

Charging: 2h at 5.0V 500mA

User Time: Up to 4 hours

Standby: Up to 90 days

Frequency: 120 Hz

Max Noise Level: <50 dB

Interface: Variable interface dial, 8 modes

*Update: Lelo has come out with an upgraded version, Ina 2, which is waterproof and has more features as well as a more flexible clitoral arm. I haven’t tried it yet, but it definitely looks promising…