Erotic Art Thursday 1: Peter Fendi

Although I never formally posted about it, you may know from some of my tweets that I recently traveled to Barcelona for a month. While I was there, I didn’t have much time to do anything blog-related, but I did get a chance to visit a couple of sex shops as well as the Museum of Erotica, a gallery of historic erotic artifacts, paintings, photographs, and films on La Rambla.

The Museum of Erotica was basically a series of small rooms with various erotic artworks with short descriptions and an optional audio guide. I used the audio guide for awhile but got bored pretty quickly listening to the not very informative descriptions and mainly wandered around shooting photos of pieces that interested me.

I enjoyed viewing the erotic artwork, even though the museum was small and overpriced (9 Euro.) Rather than try to include all of my favorite images from the museum in one post, Jake suggested that I post one or two every week, and thus my idea for Erotic Art Thursdays was born.

This week I would like to share two of my favorites from the museum, erotic watercolors by Austrian artist Peter Fendi (1796-1842.) I’m sure you can guess why I love the enthusiastic portrayal of female ejaculation, and I especially love the image of all of the men drinking it!

If you would like your artwork featured on an upcoming Erotic Art Thursday post, feel free to contact me!


2 thoughts on “Erotic Art Thursday 1: Peter Fendi”

  1. Imwakinit

    Very interesting pieces of art, did not realize female ejaculation was even openly acknowledged back then. Even today it is not openly talked about, which is a sad thing.
    This is a very interesting idea and I am looking forward to seeing more of the art and the other historical artifacts. I recently made a visit to the Good Vibrations store in Boston, MA. In case you have never been there, they have a series of displays on the history of vibrators. I found this to be very interested and it created a general interest in the history of sex and erotica.

    1. Penny Post Author

      I haven’t been to Good Vibrations yet but would definitely like to check it out someday! I too think it’s sad that most people don’t talk about female ejaculation…I’m hoping to change that though 🙂

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