Erotic Art Thursday 2: Martin Van Maele

Another artist whose work I discovered at the Museum of Erotica in Barcelona was French illustrator Martin Van Maele (1895-1918.) I love the dark, transgressive themes in his drawings. Here are two I captured despite of the bad lighting and reflections in the museum:

There were many other provocative and sometimes eerie images in his collection The Great Macabre Dance of the Alive Ones (1907), including drawings with children, BDSM, and death.

2 thoughts on “Erotic Art Thursday 2: Martin Van Maele”

  1. Imwakinit

    Thank you for the art and the link.
    I have no words for the second picture.
    The first one does make me wonder if the painting was what brought about the meaning of being goosed, or if it was created because of it.

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