36 thoughts on “Festive”

  1. Jane

    That red bauble! What a perfect, festive stand-in for a ball gag. Both of these shots are brilliant but I think the first one is my favourite. Love the tension that’s created by you tugging on your hair. Jane xxx

  2. Exhibit A

    These are such lovely, *sexy* photos. I love the look in your eyes in the first one, and the way you’re gripping your ponytail – in the second, it’s your mouth that really makes the shot, for all sorts of reasons!

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  4. MariaSibylla

    These are wonderful! You always do such as great job of balancing playful and sexy. This set is no exception. As others have said, the color, your eyes, the tug of your braid, all combine to give one gloriously hot image in the case of the first. The second, with that bow around your neck, is pure sex kitten!

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