How People Find My Blog

Inspired by fellow sex blogger N. Likes’ post Just Because It’s Funny, I decided to share how people find my blog. The Top 10 weren’t surprising, and all of them lead to a specific blog post or category of posts. I didn’t include repeats such as hitachi magic wand, hitachi wand, hitachi reviews, etc.. Here are the top 10 searched terms:

  1. Hitachi magic wand
  2. Lelo Luna beads
  3. Dona by jo
  4. Pennys dirty thoughts
  5. I squirted
  6. Han Job
  7. Oral sex classes
  8. Dirty thoughts for the day
  9. Happy hump day pictures
  10. Kiss me there

But I also want to share with you my personal favorites:

  1. Flowing female cum
  2. Chloe Sevigny fellatio
  3. Star wars no bra
  4. Silicone lube hair
  5. Dirty pictures of carrots
  6. California muscle thong
  7. Happy hump a leg day
  8. Hump solo
  9. Wife orgasm squirt tumblr
  10. Why do some men shave and lube their own ass

And the most surprising/random, with my explanations in ():

  1. Family dirty sex 1977 (?)
  2. Proud family penny porn (cartoon porn based off the Disney show)
  3. Can deodorant be used as lube (I wouldn’t recommend it)
  4. Working out shoulders (not sure how that led to me)
  5. Busty Aichan (a $250 realistic fake breasts sex toy)
  6. “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” Explanation (Watch Parks and Recreation)



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