41 thoughts on “Into the Wild”

  1. biglen

    A very artistic black and white Of you styling your pubic hair. which makes me wish I could see it from a 180 degree turn so not only your beautiful mound shows but your entire pussy lips , slit and i would think you would be wet

  2. Emma

    I love this picture!! The shadow of your hand, the blur of your tattoo, the close up of your feminine tree (lol, just coined that phrase) everything is perfect!

  3. Charlie

    Your pictures are always so beautiful and inspiring, Penny – this makes me feel more at ease with my decision not to go down the full waxing route, so thank you for that x

  4. Beck

    I love that you gave this image your perspective to invite us to imagine the rest. It’s a tease. It’s almost like you are twirling around your pubic hair the way someone would twirl hair on their head while the speak. Lovely.

  5. Holly

    Beautiful as always. I’ve always been a bit ashamed of not having that perfectbg trimmed pussy or shaven look but not in recent months. I love playing with my pubic hair it’s soft and warm what’s not to like. Wonderful shot penny as ever x

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