Kiss Me There

I confess, I want your warm lips
wrapped around, wet and soft, I want
the sound of sucking, the quiet and
subtle whisper of in and out, the look
in your blue eyes when your mouth
is full of me, tongue busy back
and forth and in and out and
around my smooth pale
skin, I need you to lick and touch and
wash my flesh with your lips, I feel
you saying you love every
inch, every part, my eyes, my
wrists, my ears, my legs, and every
hair, and the mole by my belly
button and the black ink on my hip and
the dimple on my chin and the scar
on my left breast, I know you adore all
of me when your solid arms
hold my legs and you
thrust and bring my
toes to your mouth, as you

kiss me there.



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