Let’s Roll



Since it’s my blog I reserve the right to give my photos cheesy names. Now let’s roll. Sushi & Thai Nipple Clamps, yum. I won them in a Sinful Sunday competition by the way. The nipple clamps, not the sushi. I wouldn’t eat sushi mailed from the UK. But I would eat normal sushi while wearing nipple clamps that look like chopsticks, of course.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Roll”

  1. Ness

    Hehehe… love how you felt you had to add how you wouldn’t eat Sushi Mailed from the UK ^_^ Another great photo too. Will we be seeing you eating sushi with those nipple clamps on in next weeks Sinful Sunday?

    1. Penny Post Author

      Well there’s already one up for Wicked Wednesday, though it doesn’t show me eating them…there will most likely be anther though πŸ˜‰

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