Meant for Each Other: For Silicone Lovers

evolvedlucky13Lots of people are die hard silicone fans and for good reason.

Silicone is an awesome material for toys because it is extremely hygienic because it’s non-porous (meaning germs etc. can’t build up inside the material), and it’s soft and smooth, yet firm and flexible. It can also endure extreme temperatures (so you can boil it to kill germs if it doesn’t have an attached motor,) and it warms quickly to your body.

Silicone lube has quite a following as well because it never loses its slick, slippery feel. It doesn’t get sticky and tacky like water based lube can, you only need a small amount, you don’t have to keep reapplying it, and it’s great for water or anal play, among other things.

So instinctively you’d think, well I’ll just use silicone lube with silicone toys then because of their super awesomeness, but unfortunately, if you use silicone lube with your favorite silicone toy, chances are the toy/lube will start to sort of melt and mesh together, creating a big mess and a ruined toy (and silicone toys are expensive!)

JO Premium Cool 2ozHowever, I recently learned a tip at a product knowledge seminar: you can use certain silicone toys with certain silicone lubes. In particular, you can use Evolved & Tantus silicone toys with System Jo silicone lubes (it has something to do with the quality of the silicone in the materials.)

I decided to test out this claim at home with some of the free sample products I received and was delighted to find it’s true. I used the Evolved Lucky 13 Roulette vibe with Jo Premium Cool, and they work well together. Both products are great for shower play because the Lucky 13 is waterproof (as are all Evolved toys), the silicone lube never lost the slippery feel even under water, and the cooling effect felt great in contrast to the warm water.

The only disadvantage to using these toys together was that the cleanup afterwards took a few minutes longer than normal. At first I tried just using soap and warm water like I usually do, but the silicone did not come off easily, so I squirted Jo foaming toy cleaner on a towel and wiped down the toy a few times and then used the soap and water as well, and that worked out fine.

So, for all you silicone lovers out there, I hope this little tip helps; it sure helped me!


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  1. baby godzilla

    i have that lube, it's awesome! i'll have to remember this one next time i have someone who is a huge silicone fan like me 🙂

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