I took this image of mini Doc Johnson dildos that I got at a product knowledge seminar for Nymphomaniac Ness’ Toy With Me Tuesday photography theme.

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Toy with me Tuesday

7 Responses to “Miniatures”

  1. mrs jojo says:

    now that’s a town i wouldn’t mind getting lost in lol

  2. darthkitt3n says:

    A dildo invasion sounds a lot friendlier than an alien one.

  3. Imwakinit says:

    Night of the Living Dildos or Dawn of the Dildos. ;)

  4. Ariel says:

    Like a little city of penises :)

  5. Love the photo!

    It looks like a horror film waiting to be made. Really awesome. Love the little miniature toys, too. They look great fun :-)

  6. Blacksilk says:

    WANT! So cute and cool! And I love that you toyed them with mini houses so they look tiny and huge at the same time! Very, very clever and such a sweet shot.

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