I squirted for the 1st time!

Last year I bought Deborah Sundah’s book Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot and began my quest towards squirting. I felt like it would be a life changing thing, something that I needed to accomplish before I could feel like a truly equal and powerful sexual partner. I read the book cover to cover and became more excited with every chapter, reading about how female ejaculation has been worshiped in many cultures, how it’s good for your health, and how empowering it is to so many people.

According the book, one of the biggest obstacles people have to overcome when learning to squirt is simply accepting that squirting is real (as in ejaculation fluid, not pee) and that it’s not only possible but also beautiful and just as natural as penis ejaculation.

I set my mind to it, had faith that I could squirt, followed Deborah’s advice, and began exploring my g-spot on my own. I approached it without any goal of an orgasm, following her instructions about massaging my g-spot until it felt full and pushing out like I had to pee. I tried on my own a couple of times, but felt like I wasn’t even close to squirting and ended up giving up. Jake tried to help me out a couple of times as well, but looking back, I was way too focused on the goal of squirting and not allowing myself to just be in the moment. I was putting too much performance pressure on myself, and I always felt frustration and disappointment when I couldn’t do it, even if I had a great g-spot orgasm. After my few attempts alone and with Jake last year, I gave up on my squirting goal and figured I would come back to it when I felt ready. We stopped talking about it, and I stopped trying to do it.

That all changed today.  Jake and I both had the day off, and we began to play, starting with him sucking and biting my nipples while I caressed my clit for awhile. “Let’s just do this for a long time,” he said, and I agreed. Playtime, pleasure, and exploration were the goal for the day, not sex (although we did end up having sex later.) We took our time, first my fingers on my clit and his lips on my breasts, then his lips on my clit, my fingers on my breasts, then my mouth around him as he stroked me; we slowly went through all of the possible combinations. Eventually he began fingering me, slowly at first, but with increasing speed and pressure. I was already extremely turned on and could feel my g-spot swelling and becoming larger by the moment. I concentrated on breathing deeply and succumbing to the warm feeling inside me as his fingers massaged my g-spot and I rubbed my clit between my fingers. After playing for awhile and having a few orgasms, I felt like my g-spot was so full that it was going to burst, so I tried pushing out.

“It seems like you’re ready,” Jake said as he kept fingering me, “you just pushed my hand completely out and I could see it (my g-spot.)” I pushed his fingers out again and pushed but nothing came out. So he continued, moving his fingers around inside of me, using firm pressure  as he cupped my g-spot, tugged on it, rolled it between his fingers, and pushed on it harder and harder and faster and faster until I had another orgasm that left me screaming and out of breath, and I gasped, “now!” As he pulled out his fingers I pushed until I felt a liquid erupt from inside me, squirting up into the air and down onto my thighs and the sheets beneath. After a few seconds of squirting, Jake thrust his fingers inside me again, but I still felt full and said, “wait, there’s more,” and kept pushing and squirting out more ejaculate. I felt it gush out of me like a stream flowing wildly, pushing away everything in its path until it was done—leaving the sheets under me completely soaked, Jake with a huge grin on his face, and me ecstatic and giggling, feeling high on the experience.

I did it, I finally reached one of my big sexual goals; I ejaculated. I let go of the fear of peeing and just let myself gush all over the fucking place, and it felt so good I literally jumped up and down afterwards. I think it finally happened because I was so relaxed and so turned on and not even thinking about it until the moment was right, and I was ready. I also don’t think I would have been able to squirt without first reading Deborah’s book because I didn’t know what to do, but I wasn’t able to let go and just do it until I had forgotten about the book and my squirting goal.

Afterwards I felt more than giddy and breathless like I normally feel after an orgasm; I felt more alive and full of emotions. I felt empowered, excited and extremely confident. I felt even more connected with Jake. I felt like I wanted to run around yelling and telling everyone I know.  I felt strong, peaceful, and in tune with myself. I felt like a river with natural and untamed vigor; my feminine fountain was finally flowing.

**Update–I met Deborah! And I’ve also attended other ejaculation workshops.

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      1. Stone

        That was great Penny. Every time I read your stuff, I have to go jack off! lol Happy for too and I’ll be reading the book. Just about every encounter with a woman I have, I try to bring up the subject of squirting. It’s a real turn on for me!

        Thanks again Penny,

  1. Naughty Tashamber

    That is awesome! I remember my first ejaculation, though I didn’t know what it was at first. It took me a long time to learn what it was. I also remember my first g-spot orgasm. I cried afterward (happy), as I felt so relieved because for the first time ever I came without a vibrator.

    Both were such beautiful experiences.

  2. Jason

    I will have to find the book, as I really want my wife to be able to do this. I have wanted to get a woman to squirt ever since the mid 90’s when I saw Nici Sterling do it in a porno. I finally have a woman I trust and love enough that it makes it something that I really want to give her, so any tips to help make it happen, I would love.

    1. Penny Post Author

      Definitely check out that book and have her read it; it goes through all of the various reasons women don’t ejaculate, how they can learn to, and how you can help.

  3. Imwakinit

    Firstly congratulations on your accomplishment, I can tell you are super excited about it. I do hope that squirting becomes easier and more exciting for you. I can understand about not getting your mind into what you are trying to do to much. As a male there is a similar experience we can have, not many even accept it but having an orgasm without ejaculating is an amazing feeling. I had my first one about two months ago and it happened at a time that I was thinking about it or trying to do it. I thank you for sharing your experience with us I found the story quite enjoyable.

  4. Gemma Jones

    Congratulations and welcome to the community. Ejaculating as a female is something that I have found to be so addictive. My own Jake loves to be bathed in my liquid more than anything.
    Mr Fix It is also a huge fan although Mrs Fix It is a bit like your previous self having a hiatus because it all got too hard.

    I hope you enjoy.

  5. Henna

    Yet another testimony that squirting orgasms really exists.It exists for those who can put some effort to make it work.The ones who say squirting is just peeing are just the lazy ones who would just read information and never put it to use.

  6. Gusher;)

    It took me a while to and I could never figure out how to fully expell all the liquid . Then after masterbating ( by rubbing) and reaching my peak I decided to give my gspot a go. After a while it was so full that I could barely fit my fingers in. But something told me that I couldn’t push yet so I kept fingering to BAM Hah it came out and just went EVRYWHERE. Fan, ceiling, dresser. My sheets were soaked. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. So happy xD

  7. bubba29

    i am happy you reached your goal.

    was there a sensation you felt that prompted you to pus? how did you know when was the right time to push? would you describe the act of ejaculating as a type of orgasm?

      1. Katie

        Back with an update: Just squirted for the first time (maybe I’ve been doing it all along and just never noticed, as I didn’t really do anything different tonight). I couldn’t be happier. I was so pleased with myself that I just kept going. The only downside? There’s now a cold puddle in the middle of my bed, and I need sleep. :3

        1. Penny Post Author

          Congrats Katie! You’ll probably want to invest in a Fascinator Throe, or some kind of mattress protector. Sometimes when I don’t have my Throe out, I just try to aim over the edge of the bed if I can. 🙂

  8. Emily

    Do you see learning to ejaculate as something every woman should do (if it is possible for them)? It’s not as though I have any problems with the idea, I just don’t have a massive urge to attempt to do it. But maybe I’m just missing something…

    1. Penny Post Author

      No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not wanting to squirt (and really, there can be downsides to it depending on the situation.) I do think it’s something any woman can explore if she chooses to though, it’s not a trick for only certain women or porn stars, which is the attitude a lot of people I’ve talked to about it have.

  9. Bellamie

    I ejaculated for the first time last night after reading some infomation about your g-spot and the best way to get a really powerful orgasm and it was amazing. Although I got my sheets soaked and it was like 2 in the morning…

  10. MrBleu

    I first had the opportunity to experience a lover squirting last summer. We began making out. She unzipped my pants and took my cock in her hand and began kissing me more passionately. Then to my surprise, she unzipped her pants and led my hand under her shirt. I took her hint and ran my hand down her tight stomach, under her cotton panties and over her already wet pussy. M middle finger parted her labia and she moaned loudly.

    We crashed to the floor. Her pants down to her knees. I began pleasuring her clit with my fingers, but she pressed my fingers down so I would enter her with them. Two fingers in, she began bucking her hips against my hand in a way I had never experienced. ‘Harder’ she said. I have seen several videos showing the hand techniques that help a woman squirt, so with two fingers inside her, I cupped her pelvis and pumped my hand up and down against her g-spot. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

    She squirted all over my hand, and the rug we were laying on. Her body shivering and quivering like I’d never seen. It was the most amazing and sensual experience I’d ever been a part of.

    That summer I had the pleasure of being with 3 other lovers who [now] squirt. One never had before and couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to do so for the first time. One had once before, but hadn’t been with anyone patient and skilled enough since. With the other I have experienced the most amazing sexual moments in my life. Her other regular lover doesn’t give her the attention I do. Whenever we are together I relish in making her squirt – sometimes 2 or 3 times until she can’t take any more. Followed usually by 2 to 4 orgasms before I can’t hold back any longer and cum myself.

    Female ejaculation is – in my opinion – one of the most amazing things I have ever discovered. I applaud you for sharing your story about your first time. This being my first visit to your site, I look forward to reading more about your experiences and hope that more people – after visiting this site – make topics regarding sex just as acceptable conversation in their lives as the weather and sports.


  11. pat

    I’d never squirted with my first husband but NOW!!! WOW. Jim is SO gentle and SO expert at foreplay, that as I feel my climax building I get wetter and wetter until I explode and the amount of liquid that spurts out of me is amazing. Jim sucks me dry after!!

  12. Len

    Congrats on one of the most thrilling part of a sexual relationship. My current girlfriend achieved it close to a year ago, and we both love it and enjoy it. I think it is for sure the most explosive of any orgasm a woman can have.

  13. Matt

    Thanks for this log of exploration and adventure. A mini-Lewis and Clarke if you will. I have attempted to stimulate squirting in my wife for years, whether it be mixing up oral and manual stimulation of clit and urethral sponge, to toys and kegels. Maybe I should give up on the goal and just relax. I’m going to show her your story, and see if it helps. Thanks again.

  14. InquisitiveClam

    Learning how to squirt is probably my biggest sexual goal. I feel like it would be life-changing, too. I haven’t been able to yet. I say “yet” because I have a very small kernel of hope inside that it’ll happen someday. After trying a few times without even a hint of success, I sort of gave up on it and became discouraged and figured that I’m just not one of those lucky women who can squirt. I’m certain that I didn’t give it a fair chance in the first place, and I’ve only halfheartedly tried a few times since I became discouraged. I’ve read the literature, watched the technique videos, bought the G-spot toys (yes, I have the njoy Pure Wand)… Nothing has worked so far, and it’s frustrating that it seems so easy for others. It’s like they wake up one day and decide, “I’m going to ejaculate today.” Well, that’s how it seems to someone who feels incapable of it. I think it’s going to take a lot more effort on my part, and I just don’t know at this point if it’s even worth it. If I end up finally squirting after years of trying and it’s not the most amazing sensation I’ve ever experienced, I think I’m going to be disappointed. Anyway, this comment became longer than I had intended. Just wanted to say that I always like reading other women’s stories about and experiences with female ejaculation. Not sure why because it makes me a little sad. I hope I’ll be able to post my story someday.

    1. Penny Post Author

      If you’re feeling frustrated with it, I’d take a break from trying & come back to it if & when you feel ready. When I first started trying I think I was way too goal orientated & put too much pressure on myself, which actually worked against me. I know it’s easy to compare ourselves to others, but everyone’s experience is different, and some people find ejaculating easier than others, just as some people orgasm clitorally faster/easier than others. For now, I suggest focusing on what works for you. Also, if you have any more questions or concerns or just want to talk about it more, feel free to email me! (pennyforyourdirtythoughts@gmail.com)

      1. InquisitiveClam

        It definitely frustrates me. Very good advice to try not to focus so much on the results and just play – or to take a break altogether from trying at all, which is what I’ve done lately. I haven’t bothered trying in a long time. I would say I’m definitely too goal-oriented about squirting, and I don’t understand why I haven’t been able to do it. I do put pressure on myself to figure it out because I have the idea in my head that it’ll be amazing if and when it happens, but that’s not to say that regular, non-squirting sex is bad. I just feel like already-good sex would really be enhanced if I could enjoy the squirting aspect of it. I feel like I’m missing something.

        I appreciate your advice. I’m not going to make a conscious effort to try to squirt in the near future. I’ve sort of given up on it, even though I hate to truly give up and let it go forever. The desire is there, and I think it probably always will be.

  15. Hanna

    Thanks for this post – I’m so happy I just had my first ejaculation today, by myself. As I was determined to make it happen. After it being on my bucket list, and only having read a little bit about it over the years. I read so much saying that it’s not possible for every female, but being my usual not taking no for an answer. I got myself orgasming about ten times, inside and out, and actually for me it was the continual clit orgasms that finally made it happen, I pushed down and wow, and then I kept going. How amazing. As a trained psychologist, I can only wonder why it makes us women so happy when it happens, you know what. I think it’s probably something we are all missing out on, maybe it’s even a normal process we have all lost touch with, it’s just st so empowering so there must be a chemical release. It also feels like we are equal to the man? I can’t wait to tell my husband and try it with him as he was asleep in the bedroom, non the wiser to all my splashing next door in the lounge, just having some random midnight play with a goal ha ha ha. Thanks for your story, great to share!!! As not sure there are many folks I’ll be talking to about this. Xx

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