Folding my legs

up, a wider view, he grasps

my ankle as his curls

tease, and a gasp

as his lips,

hot and wet


with mine.

Sinful Sunday

“Oral” was featured as a top photo in the Sinful Sunday weekly Round-up. Thanks Jemima for choosing it and of course Molly for hosting Sinful Sunday!

“Oral” also won 1st place in the Whole Sex Life Erotic Image Event; thanks Evoe!

30 thoughts on “Oral”

  1. Bunny

    Such a stunning image as always *is so jealous of the high quality of your images every week* and is there any better feeling. I submit that there is not.

  2. Modesty Ablaze

    Very horny Penny. So arousing to be sitting-up in bed on a Sunday morning “browsing” on my laptop and find this in my in-box.
    I am going to just have to log-off and wake Hubby (gently snoring next to me!!!)

  3. Molly

    Penny I am speechless. You know I am big fan of your images but I think this might just be the best photograph of yours I have EVER seen. There is something so passionate and sexy about the grasp of his hand around your ankle and your abandoned pose. Then there tumble of pre-Raphaelite curls that is in stark contrast to the clearly male form… just beautiful


  4. Jane

    Penny, this is such an amazing shot. I love the way your upper body appears so abandoned and the contrast of the strong hand around your ankle. Beautiful. Jane xxx

  5. Jayme

    This is simply magnificent. Simultaneously explicit and restrained, not to mention erotic, stylish and captivating. I have to agree that his grasp of your ankle puts this one over the top.

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