7 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow”

  1. Dan

    Got this on the recommendation of a sex shop gal: “Best vibe every made.” OK. First real vibe I paid $100+ for; was told it had a lifetime guarantee. Great, as the batt. died end of year 2 and only holds a charge 5-10 min. now. Great plugged in, however. Great for 2yrs. I’d say a good vibe is worth $100. I’ll think I’ll take it in for a new batt on the guarantee.

    1. Penny Post Author

      I will talk more about it in my review, but I wouldn’t call this one the best vibe ever made. And lifetime guarantee is kind of misleading; Lelo actually has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty & a 10 year quality guarantee which means that you can get another Lelo toy at 50% off if something is wrong with yours after the initial year. Thanks for the feedback!

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