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I finally got some film for the Polaroid camera I’ve had since the late ’90s, and I’m digging the old school feel! A friend got me a pack of color film for my birthday1, so there may be more on here soon…stay tuned!


  1. I wouldn’t be opposed to more though, if you want to get me some ūüėČ  



Pictured: VixSkin Tex

I miss the days of Toy With Me Tuesday. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember that it was a meme for sharing fun and artistic photos of sex toys. It’s not active anymore, but I’m going to start posting Toy Tuesday photos again because I <3 sex toy photography.

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Review: Fucking Sculptures Corkscrew


Y’all know I love photographing sex toys. And the Corkscrew, with its spacey, twisted design and gorgeously crafted black glass, appeals to the photo nerd in me.¬†But I can’t orgasm from looking through my viewfinder, so let’s talk about how it feels.

Fucking Sculptures¬†makes a variety of gorgeous soda-lime glass dildos like the medium¬†Corkscrew¬†I was sent to review.¬†Since they’re handmade, each FS¬†toy has slight variations, notably in size, and although mine is labeled a medium, I’d call it a¬†small–its girth is about 1.4″ at the widest point, (and it¬†quickly tapers down to about 1″), and it has less than 5 insertable¬†inches since you have to grasp its tip to thrust.¬†Size isn’t everything, but the medium Corkscrew is definitely smaller than I’d prefer, and I was skeptical that¬†I’d enjoy it.

pennysblog_fscorckscrew2I was right. This note from my masturbation journal sums up my experience: it’s so pretty, I wish I liked it more.

The Corkscrew has a nice curve, and pushing down on its handle pushes its head up against my g-spot–but it doesn’t have much weight or girth, so it lacks any intensity, and since¬†it’s¬†small and super smooth, I don’t notice its pretty texture.

Just because a toy is small doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch, but this dildo doesn’t.¬†The Slow Drive is similar size-wise, but unlike the Corkscrew it can quickly induce squirty feels1. I’m also cool with toys that don’t provide a lot of direct g-spot stimulation if they offer other unique sensations, like the Crystal Twist, but the Corkscrew just feels lackluster.

For a dildo to impress me, it needs to have more than looks. It needs to have some¬†girth, a bulbous head, a good g-spot curve, memorable texture, or some combination of the above. I don’t expect every toy to absolutely wow me, but it’s like the Corkscrew isn’t even trying. If it¬†disappeared from my collection, the photographer in me would be sad, but my vagina would be indifferent.

If you’re looking for a small glass dildo that glides smoothly and provides light stimulation, you might enjoy the Corkscrew. But I’d gladly trade mine for a g-spoon–I tried Aerie’s last year at dildo holiday and liked it, though the memory is hazy now2. I’d also love to try the Double Trouble¬†since¬†my friend Girly Juice raves about it.

Thanks Fucking Sculptures for sending me the Corkscrew to review!

  1. not to mention it’s way cheaper 

  2. come back to me g-spoon… 

Making sure my sex toy collection is vegan friendly

pennysblog_vegansextoysI went vegan a few months ago, so in addition to changing what I eat¬†and going through my clothes, makeup, and toiletries, I also went through my sex toy collection to get rid of anything that’s not vegan friendly1**.

Some things were obvious–leather and fur are definitely not vegan so I gave away the few leather paddles I had as well as my tail butt plug.

But what about everything else? Are dildos and vibrators vegan? What about lube, condoms, and other safer sex barriers?

Sex Toys: Dildo, Vibes, Plugs, Etc.

When I first went¬†vegan, I read¬†a book called Vegan Freak and was glad¬†that it included a short section about sex things. It mentioned that silicone is a vegan friendly sex toy material (yay!) and to avoid jelly rubber because it can contain mystery ingredients, and there’s no way of knowing if it’s vegan unless the manufacturer explicitly says it is. But y’all probably already know that jelly toys are a bad idea anyways since they’re porous and often contain toxic ingredients, so that’s no surprise.

Since¬†silicone, stainless steel, and¬†glass¬†are all great options (and that’s what almost all of my toys are made of), most of my collection was safe–hooray!¬†I wasn’t sure about our¬†Fleshlight¬†though since they don’t list the ingredients in their Superskin material, but I contacted them, and they said it’s fine, also yay!2

Kink Items

Unfortunately a lot of restraints and impact toys¬†are made of leather, but there are also faux leather and other vegan options. As¬†I mentioned earlier, I got rid of a couple of leather paddles I had, but most of what I had is¬†vegan friendly, like my Bettie Page paddle, Tantus Plunge, and Twisted Monk rope. My fave harness is also fine, thank goddess! If you’re looking for vegan kink things, check out¬†my friend Artemisia’s epic list.


Many drugstore lubes contain glycerin or other animal derived ingredients and are not vegan3.¬†Luckily my favorite brand of lube is Sliquid, which is 100% vegan friendly! My faves are the classic H2O water based and thicker Sassy for anal, but they also carry silicone and flavored varieties.¬†√úberlube¬†silicone lube is also a great option (just don’t use it with silicone toys.)4

Condoms & Safer Sex Barriers

Most¬†mainstream latex condom brands¬†are produced with casein (milk protein), but luckily there are some companies that don’t test on animals or use any animal ingredients like¬†Sir Richards and Sustain condoms. I don’t know of any non-latex condoms that advertise as vegan, but some are formulated as vegan. ¬†Since latex is generally not vegan friendly, nitrile gloves and dams are the way to go.¬†I’m currently working on a list of vegan safer sex barriers, so stay tuned!

*Pictured: Tantus Adam, Sliquid Sassy, Sir Richards/Sustain condoms

**I did my best to make sure this post is accurate but if you’re not sure if something is vegan and are concerned about it, check out the company’s website or contact them. Some products don’t¬†contain animal ingredients but may be owned by a company that does make products with animal derived ingredients or that does test on animals, so unless the company is certified/advertises as vegan, make your best judgement.

  1. anything that contains animal derived ingredients 

  2. They said Fleshlube water is fine as well but Fire Lubricant isn’t because it contains honey extract. 

  3. and could also be potentially irritating 

  4. They don’t advertise as vegan but I contacted them & they confirmed. 

VagCam Giveaway!

Win a Svakom Siime Camera Vibe & Clear Speculum from Lovehoney!


Ever since I took a video of my vaginal canal during orgasm¬†Masters of Sex style with the Svakom Siime, I’ve been thinking about doing a #vagcam giveaway. Now thanks to Lovehoney, it’s happening–you too can be a sexplorer, recording an internal view of contractions and orgasms, for science!

The Svakom Siime is a small, usb rechargeable, silicone vibrator, but what makes this one special is that it has a built in illuminated video camera, so you can view your parts up close.

When I got the Siime to try out, I was on a mission–a mission to see my orgasm from inside. At first I was disappointed because using it internally by itself doesn’t work–all I saw was a pink blur. Then I thought, what if I use it with a clear speculum1? And yep, I was right,¬†Siime+Clear Speculum=VagCam¬†Magic!

How to record an orgasm with the Svakom Siime

Recording my vaginal canal during orgasm took a bit of multi-tasking. If you want to try it, you’ll need the Siime, a clear speculum, and also a good clitoral vibrator– something that’s strong enough that you can orgasm with a speculum in/while holding the Siime in your other hand. It’s easier with a small vibrator that’s not too bulky.

My top recommendations from Lovehoney are the We-Vibe¬†Tango and Touch–they’re are both strong, quiet, waterproof, and rechargeable. The Tango is made of hard plastic and is slightly stronger and offers more pinpoint stimulation, but the¬†silicone¬†Touch is also strong, with a concave shape that’s perfect for cupping clits/vulvas. Both are rumbly vibrator rock-stars!¬†The L’amourose Rosa Rouge¬†also has deep, rumbly vibrations, but it also has something most vibes don’t–warming. And its warming is no joke–it’s seriously rad. Plus, it’s gorgeous.

If you want, you can also get someone to help you out/hold the Siime while you hold a vibe. If you can’t orgasm from clitoral stimulation/vibrators (or if it sounds too complicated), you can also watch your vaginal canals while doing kegel exercises and get a close up look at your cervix. If you’ve never done kegels before and want something to help, try the Luna Beads, which have interchangeable weighted beads, or the less expensive but also great Tracey Cox Toner Balls.

Prizes & Rules


If you win, you’ll get both a Svakom Siime Camera Vibe and a Bondage Boutique Clear Beginner’s Vaginal Speculum!

The giveaway is open to everyone in the US, UK, and Australia, and your prizes will be shipped directly to you from Lovehoney. The contest ends 3/30. You must be at least 18. Don’t try to cheat. If you enter by following me/Lovehoney, you must still be following when the giveaway ends to be eligible to win. If the winner doesn’t get back to me after a week, I’ll draw another winner.

Good luck everyone!

Penny’s VagCam Giveaway!

Want to Explore Now?

If you’re dying to see your vaginal canal in action ASAP, don’t wait for the giveaway to end, get a Svakom Siime now!2¬†If you’re low on funds, you can also do plenty of exploring alone or with a partner with just a clear speculum.¬†Lovehoney has a 365 day risk free return policy, so if anything doesn’t work out, you can ship it back free and get a replacement or full refund.¬†Plus, get 10% off everything by visiting my landing page!


*This giveaway is now over–congrats to the winner, Pete!*

  1. because everyone has one of those lying around right? 

  2. If you win, you could always give it to your BFF and have a vagcam party.