Penny’s Blog Highlights of 2014


I knew it would be hard to top 2013–which was a big blogging year for me with all of the amazing experiences and friends I made at CatalystCon and EroticonUSA, but 2014 was definitely an epic year too!

For one, I got to meet and have fancy cappuccinos with the fabulous Emma, who is now one of my closest friends. I also visited my best friend Ely in LA, and while I was were, we met Ashley Manta and Sex Nerd Sandra at the Pleasure Chest and played with the Neon Wand, as well as tried on bad ass fetish masks at the Stockroom, among other non-sex toy related things like our epic Buffy tour.

Blog-wise, I posted 30 reviews, celebrated my 3rd Blogiversary with my biggest giveaway yet, and I was featured on Rori’s annual Top Sex Blogger list and Molly’s 20 of 2014 list. I was also named the #11 Top Sex Blogging Superhero (in the world!) by!


In case you’re new to my blog or just want to re-read/re-view my best posts–I’ve listed my favorites from this year! Also, don’t forget to check out my Best & Worst Sex Toys of 2014 list!

Top 3 Posts

1. Why I Post Nude Photos (And why I blog about sex)– This was my overall top post stat-wise from this year, and I’m really proud of it! Getting the reasons I take nude photos and blog about sex out was a great way to start the year.  It was also featured as a top post on e[lust.]

2. VagCam Aka see my vaginal canal during orgasm– This was probably my favorite overall blogging moment of the year–I pulled a Masters and Johnson and took a video of my vaginal canal during orgasm! What makes it even more impressive is the fact that I did it by myself–I put the speculum in, and then held Mona with my left hand & Gaga (the camera vibe) with my right, all while watching my laptop screen to make sure it was coming out ok. Hooray for multi-tasking!

3. Sex Blogger Life: Real Talk– As much as I love sex blogging, it’s not about sitting around and getting paid to masturbate. I cleared up some of the common misconceptions/assumptions about sex blogging, at least for me, in this post. It was also included as a top post on e[lust.]

Top 3 Self Portraits


1. Sex Blogger Life– I took these self portraits when I needed a new Bio photo…and I love how they came out!

2. Menstrual– In addition to being one of my favorites, this image was my most viewed from this year, and that makes me oh so happy. Menstrual blood is not something that has to be feared or dreaded…and come on, it looks hella cool on dildos & fingers!

2. A Closer Look– No, that isn’t my vulva in the image…but it sure looks like it, doesn’t it? I love this self portrait/illusion!

Top 3 Photos of Jake


1. Striped– Jake looks incredibly sexy lying on the floor naked in striped light, don’t you think?

2. Topped– I love the androgyny and mystery I captured in this shot.

3. Sleepyheads– A half naked Jake sleeping with our sweet kitty? Yes, please!

Top 3 Vampire Posts


So this isn’t a typical category obviously…but y’all know I’m a huge fan of vampires, so I’m making it one!

1. Let’s Play a Game (Spuffy Erotica)– SPUFFY EROTICA. I wrote some. And I think it came out hella good, if I do say so myself.

2. Vampire Themed Sex Toys– Yep, I made an epic list of vampire themed sex toys…and I even managed to get a few of them! I’m still pining after a Mr. Pointy dildo though!

3. Review: Succu Dry Fleshlight– The fact that you can fuck a vampire mouth sex toy is amazing if you ask me. Read my review to see what Jake and I thought about it!

Best Event

Granted, I didn’t go to a lot of events this year, but Diana J Torres’s Vagaculation Workshop at Forbidden Fruit was straight up game changing. I loved listening to her experiences and perspective on cunt ejaculation and the g-spot, or as she prefers to call it, the prostate. Her Pornoterrorismo performance was also nothing short of amazing–and I was actually less shocked by seeing her piercing herself, snorting salt, and being fisted on stage (among other things) during her ritual than I thought I would be.

What’s in store for 2015?

I definitely have some plans brewing, y’all! For one, I’m planning on opening a print shop on Etsy (right now I’m shooting for Feb. 1), and speaking of that, if there are any of my photos in particular that you love/would like to see available, please let me know! I also plan to work harder on my photography–I’m signed up for another challenging class, and I hope to have my work featured in some art shows next year.

Some other resolutions I have: write more consistently, learn more, attend more sex positive events, network with new people and hopefully visit some of my blogger friends throughout the country as well.  And the usual–more self care, more exercise, more reading, more quality time with friends…and more sex toys of course! In fact, I’m planning on writing about some of the products I’m excited to try next year, so stay tuned for that!

What are y’all excited about for 2015? Have any suggestions for me/my blog? If so, please let me know in the comments!

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