Quickie Review: Swipes Lovin Wipes

swipeslovinwipesI don’t know about you, but I like to have spontaneous sex throughout the day. I’m definitely not a make a whole evening of it, candles and music, only at night sex kind of girl. As a result, I often only have limited time afterwards to clean up because I am busy and need to get to work/appointments/errands or whatever else. I’m also a big fan of ejaculation on body parts (boobs, back, etc.), and a big mess and limited cleanup time can be pretty annoying.

Luckily, I have found the perfect product to solve this problem: Swipes Lovin Wipes. These awesome towelettes are all natural and made with pure water and without alcohol, chlorine, or dyes. They are also conveniently flushable and dispersible, and they are biodegradable and made with 98% renewable resources.

I bought a 42 pack of the Unscented wipes, and I now leave them on my night stand because they are perfect for quick clean up; now I don’t have to bother jumping in the shower or dirty up a towel every time I have sexy time. I definitely recommend these wipes because they are extremely useful, all natural, and eco- friendly!


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  1. Ginger

    I rent a single room in a house and have a shared bathroom so cleaning up after fun times involves trekking through multiple shared spaces with my toys. Sometimes this is doable…other times, not so much. I’m wondering, aside from cleaning up fluids on flesh, how sanitary and safe would these be for cleaning toys…? Are they safe to use on silicone and plastic? Would the toys still need a water rinse afterwards to rid the toys of any residue from the wipes? If not, do you have any ideas for safe clean-up in situations where running water isn’t always immediately available or convenient?

    1. Penny Post Author

      Hey Ginger,

      Honestly I don’t use these anymore (this was one of my 1st posts about 2 years ago.) Now I usually just use a wet towel to wash myself off quickly if I need to.

      I would not use these wipes to clean sex toys. If you can’t bring the toys through the shared space to get to running water, perhaps you could just bring a damp wash cloth as well as a dry one into your room, wipe them down there, and then clean them more thoroughly using soap and warm water later?

      That’s what I would do if I was in a similar situation. Or if you can’t wash them right away, in my opinion it would be better to leave them unwashed than to wipe them with anything that has chemicals or other ingredients that could possibly damage the material, and then clean them as soon as you can. You definitely don’t want to use toys that have any sort of cleaner on them (such as these wipes) before rinsing them very thoroughly.

      I hope that helps, and I will work on putting together a comprehensive guide for washing toys. Thanks for the question!

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