Review: Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat

pennysblog_bettiebatI’m a sucker for Bettie Page stuff, so I was super excited when Lovehoney sent me the Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat to review. The Spanking Bat, which is an oval shaped, two sided paddle with a broad surface area (7” long & 5” wide) and an ergonomic 4” handle, is absolutely stunning. The paddle comes in a fancy box printed with Bettie playing card images along with a Bettie collector card and keychain.


One side of the paddle is made of black quilted faux leather and has a luxurious vintage feel, and the other side is firmer and features a black and white photo of Bettie showing off her back-seamed fishnets and sequined panties. Even the wrist strap has Bettie Page printed in silver cursive. The paddle is so lovely, I almost wanted to just use it as décor…but of course I had to try it out.

The paddle’s quilted side delivers a soft, gentle feel on impact. Even when Jake spanks me hard with it, it doesn’t hurt. It’s perfect for warm up and sensitizing, and I enjoy its light thuddy feel and the loud noise it makes.

In contrast, the paddle’s stiffer picture side can deliver a bit of sting and color. Still, it doesn’t hurt very much—not nearly as much as say, the Plunge (review upcoming), or leave lasting marks, so it isn’t ideal for heavy impact play.

For me though, the Bettie paddle feels amazing on both sides, and I love the tease of not knowing which will come next. The only downside to the paddle is that it’s so pretty that I’m afraid to get it wet or dirty, which can obviously be a problem when mixing spanking and sex. So far I’ve tried to keep the paddle as clean as possible.

If you’re a fan of Bettie Page and spanking, then this is definitely a must have paddle. It’s perfect for light to moderate impact play, and it’s so gorgeous I’d hang it up on my wall if I wasn’t too busy using it. The Bettie keychain and collector card are a fun bonus—even the packaging, which I usually could care less about, is lovely.

The Picture This Spanking Bat is just one of the many toys in Lovehoney’s Bettie Page line; they also carry a thinner paddle with a different image of Bettie, cuffs, and more. Thanks so much Loevehoney for sending me this awesome paddle in exchange for my honest review!


11 thoughts on “Review: Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat”

  1. Heaven

    I also enjoy the Bettie Page stuff as well. I think this is going to be the next thing I ask for, if they still have some left. This paddle is just wonderful.

  2. Reenie

    I really don’t like painful stings so I don’t often look at paddles. I did try the Plunge, and I found it was sort of in my “ok” zone when hit lightly. Now that you say this doesn’t have as much impact as the Plunge, I really think I need to try this one! Sounds really great. Not to mention that the pictures are adorable and the paddle just look gorgeous!

  3. Beck

    I keep eyeing this one because it is so pretty. I don’t think it will work well for me, but at least I’d have something pretty to look at. 🙂

  4. NimbusDX

    This is SO appealing to me on a purely aesthetic level. My partner and I are not too much into spanking, but I still really like this and I am curious about the quilted side. From how you describe it, it seems like something we might enjoy. I would love to own this even just as an art piece.

  5. Pete

    My lady and I are both exploring impact play a lot more and I would love to add this beauty to our collection. I like that it’s not intimidating and I think it would fit our beginner’s needs perfectly. Would definitely try out the quilted side first 🙂

  6. Myra

    This paddle sounds absolutely perfect for what my fiance and I are looking for. Something soft to start with, but also delivers a nice sting when wanted. Definitely going to come back to this one when I have money. 🙂

  7. Bitsen

    This is my favorite piece of the collection; it looks great! The thing is, though, I would probably only have it for show. I didn’t realize it had faux leather on one side, but…
    hearing that does make me think maybe I could try it out. Still, I might treat it too preciously.

    I love things that come with key chains, too. Oh man.

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