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The 1st sex toy I ever owned was a plug-in back massager that my boyfriend bought me in high school before we were old enough to shop in a sex store. I loved that toy; it was my first masturbation partner. I kept it in a bag under my bed, and I pulled it out from its hiding place after my family went to sleep, when I could finally have a little privacy. It was quick and easy, strong enough that I could use it over my panties and even pajama pants, so not only did I get off quickly, but I also didn’t have to worry about cleaning it often, which was important since I shared a bathroom with my little sister. I kept that toy for years, and ever since I parted with it, I’ve wanted a new trusty plug-in to replace it.

Ever since I started learning about sex toys, I knew I wanted to try the Hitachi and hoped it would be a good replacement for my old beloved plug-in. The fact that it’s a “retro” toy that’s been around since the 70’s only added to its appeal. I bought the Hitachi a few months ago, and I have used it more than any other sex toy I currently own. The Hitachi is a white, foot long plug in electric massager with a 2” long soft flexible vibrating head and a 5’10’’ cord. It has 2 speeds controlled by a flip switch which I would classify as strong and ridiculously strong, or “I’m going to come now” and “I’m going to come again and again now.”

My favorite way to use the Hitachi is when masturbating with my panties on. I’ve used the Hitachi during sex before, but it’s too strong to use directly on my clit comfortably, so I don’t use it during partner sex often. One exception to that is anal sex; I like using the Hitachi during anal because it provides me with immediate orgasms that help me relax and make anal penetration enjoyable. Since I don’t like using the Hitachi directly on my clit, I usually place it behind a pillow (not under though since it can cause overheating).

Care for the Hitachi is easy for me since I don’t use it directly on my body; I use soap and water with a wash cloth (when unplugged of course) as needed.  The head is made of vinyl and is porous, so I it can’t be sterilized, and I don’t recommend sharing the Hitachi with multiple partners. Since it’s a plug in, the Hitachi is obviously not waterproof. Its instruction manual comes with a list of 8 dangers and 16 warnings mainly related to keeping the Hitachi from getting wet or overheating, for example, “Never operate for more than 25 minutes” and “never leave unattended while plugged in.” The Hitachi comes with a one year limited warranty, so keep your receipt and original packaging in case you need to send it back to Vibratex, Inc.

I love my Hitachi, and with its help I can come in 30 seconds to few minutes and have multiple subsequent orgasms. Not only is it an awesome sex toy, but it’s also a legit body massager, and it feels great on my neck and shoulders when I’m sore from working out or whatever else.

I definitely recommend the Hitachi if you want a super strong clitoral toy, an aid to anal play, or a legit body massager. The Hitachi has given me and many others countless orgasms and stress relief. The only complaint I have is that I wish the cord was a few feet longer because it’s not quite long enough for me to use on the couch while watching porn. I’ve actually ended up lying on the floor with it when I’m set on a Hitachi/porn combo though. The Hitachi is also a loud toy, so if you’re trying to be discreet (I’m not), then the Hitachi isn’t a wise choice. There are also various Hitachi attachments, which I haven’t tried yet but would like to.

On a last note, I want to add that a couple told me they’ve been through various Hitachis because the woman is a frequent squirter which caused her to damage and ruin the toy(s). I’ve also had other customers tell me they have had plug-in toys start smoking and even start a fire, and although the complaints I’ve heard were about a different toy, I’m sure the same things can happen with the Hitachi, so take the warning and instructions in the manual seriously and read them carefully before use.

*Get a Hitachi (now renamed the Original Magic Wand) at SheVibe or Lovehoney!


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    1. Penny Post Author

      I’m not usually a big fan of internal vibration, so I haven’t yet. I would still like to try them at some point though 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    The new wand SUCKS!!! Vibratex took away the best part of
    the toy … the die cut metal under the rubber head which they’ve
    replaced with a cheap plastic composite. The toy is now JUNK (JUNK JUNK
    JUNK!!!) and won’t give even your elderly grandmother an orgasm. My
    phone has stronger vibration. Vibratex ruined the best toy of my life. I
    want to beat the person who thought to remove the metal head with this
    now useless paper weight of a sex toy I hold in my hands!

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