Review: Jo Clitoral Gel (Light)

          I received a sample of Jo Clitoral gel at a product knowledge class last November, and I am I just now getting around to reviewing it. Why? Because I’ve tried a couple of stimulating gels in the past and had no luck or desire to try more. Also, one of my first experiences with lube in High School left me burning, irritated, and put off of lube altogether until a few years ago when I starting working at a sex shop. To this day I’m not sure if the lube was supposed to be a warming lube, if it was just some glycerin packed irritating lube from hell, or if (oh the horror) maybe it wasn’t even a lube at all but a “warming liquid.” All I know was that it sucked, and I never wanted to feel that burning sensation again. Since I knew ahead of time that Jo Clitoral gel was supposed to have a warming feeling, I wasn’t exactly dying to try it.

          So the Clitoral gel sat in a bag in my closet, until this past weekend when I was cleaning it out and figured I should either try the stuff or get rid of it, and for research’s sake, I decided to try it. As Jake and I began playing around on Saturday I opened the box of clitoral gel in a moment of excitement to find that I couldn’t squeeze any gel out of the tube. I muttered some obscenity while running naked to the next room to grab some scissors, so I could cut the tip of the tube off. I poured out some of the gel onto my fingers and began massaging my clit and labia with it, and although I was rubbing and playing for awhile, I felt nothing other than the slick feel of silicone. We got bored with the gel very quickly and threw it onto the nightstand as we continued to play and move on to other more exciting things (like me squirting for the first time!)

          For the sake of a thorough review, I decided to try the gel one more time on my own yesterday, even after it failed the first time. I was annoyed before I even started because the tube was leaking since I had cut the tip off in haste the other night. Again, I tried rubbing the stuff on my clit, and again I felt nothing other than my skilled hand and some silicone slickness. Aggravated with the whole situation, I quickly wiped off the gel and ended up finishing with my Hitachi because all I really wanted was a cramp-relieving quickie session. Afterwards, I sat down to start reviewing and had come up with a short list of pros and cons for the gel, when I began to feel an irritating, warming but not in a fun way sensation on my labia. The “warming” sensation had kicked it, about 20 minutes too late, and as it turns out, it didn’t feel good at all. It wasn’t the scorching, traumatizing experience I had in high school, but it definitely left me with a “I better get this stuff off before I get a yeast infection” feeling, and I had to stop the review to go take a shower. Here is the pro and con list I had started, but with my edits after the late kick in irritation sensation:

Silicone (no glycerin, parabens, l-arginine etc.)
Didn’t burn like some warming products
Can use internally No thanks

Annoying bottle
Can’t use with silicone toys
Didn’t feel anything Delayed irritating burning feeling

          As you can see, I didn’t find any pro to this product other than that it’s silicone based, but that was actually partly a con as well because I couldn’t use it with most of my favorite vibes. At first I wondered why I didn’t feel any irritation when I used it with Jake, but then I realized it’s probably because there was a ton of moving/licking/rubbing/other lube/bodily fluids/etc. and it probably didn’t stay on me very long. On the plus side, I’m glad I tried the “Light” gel since there are also, Mild, Wild, and Atomic gels of increasing “sensation” that may have left me as scarred as the mystery lube from hell in high school.

Cyclopentasiloxane (silicone)
cyclotetrasiloxane (silicone)
Dimethiconol (silicone)
Dimethicone (silicone)
Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)

2 thoughts on “Review: Jo Clitoral Gel (Light)”

  1. Jason

    Good review. I know to stay away from it. I am new to the site, but would love to get your thoughts on the other lubes on the market (mainly ky and astroglide products because that is what my wife and I know about and she has some trust issues with brands she doesn’t know. (we tried this one lube in a red bottle, don’t remember the name, but it left her with a burn mark on her pussy and ass, since then she has been nervous about using any lubes at all. Also, if there is a way to write in for advice, it would be nice to have someone to talk to. Thank you for creating this site, what I have read and saw so far has really helped.

    1. Penny Post Author

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog and finding it useful 🙂 Email me any questions you have at; I’ve been considering doing Q and A soon and will be happy to answer questions. If your wife is sensitive to lubricants, I recommend trying Sliquid, since it’s all natural, vegan, and doesn’t contain glycerin or parabens.

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