Review: Sliquid H2O Lubricant

Readers, I have a confession. I haven’t always been as discerning about lubricants as I am now.  When I first started working in sex toy retail, I was too excited about all of the free lube bottles from product knowledge classes to think about looking up the various ingredients in the array of chemical cocktails I received. However, after some bad experiences with generic lubes as well as becoming more educated, I’ve forced myself to become pickier with lube. Even though I have used some lubricants with glycerin and didn’t have a problem with them (they can provoke yeast infections and UTIs), it’s gotten to the point where even just the discomfort of worrying about the questionable ingredients in a lube is enough to kill my mood.  Thankfully I’ve found one with an ingredients list that doesn’t confuse or scare me: Sliquid H2O.

When I told Jake I had bought a new natural, vegan lube, he immediately asked, “well does it work?” and after many uses the answer is yes, it works exceptionally well. Even if I wasn’t factoring in the ingredients list, I would still consider Sliquid my new favorite lube. It has just the right consistency for most of my uses; it’s not runny and is easily applied to toys and body parts, but it’s not thick either and mixes well with my natural lubrication. Unlike many lubes that leave me with that “I need to shower now because I’m so messy” feeling, Sliquid doesn’t get sticky, even after the water absorbs into skin and tissue. Sliquid is also delightfully odorless and tasteless, something that can’t be said of most water based lubes.

For vaginal use, I’d say this is without a doubt the best lubricant I’ve tried, and I absolutely love it. I’ve also used it with a few small butt plugs, and it worked just fine, but for anal penetration, I prefer something thicker—and speaking of that I would like to try Sliquid’s Sassy (thicker) lubricant in the near future. For penis masturbation, I couldn’t really tell you how this stuff works because Jake’s too busy using up all of the other lubricants that I have deemed unworthy for penetration (ones with glycerin etc.) I would guess that it would dry out pretty quickly though without mixing with vaginal lubrication and may not be the best choice for hand jobs.

Without a doubt, I love Sliquid H2O. It’s slippery and mixes perfectly with my natural lubrication, and it doesn’t leave me feeling sticky. Unlike many other lubricants, Sliquid’s short list of natural vegan ingredients (Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar conditioners), Potassium sorbate, Citric Acid) doesn’t make me cringe with worry. The only downsides I see to this lubricant are that it is a bit pricey (but well worth it) and it isn’t thick enough to be ideal for anal penetration. After trying and loving Sliquid H2O, I’d like to try more Sliquid lubricants, like Sassy and the Organics line.

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  1. Imwakinit

    I consider my self a solosexual(someday you may even get the story. 😉 ) so I am using lubes mostly for masturbation with a little anal play thrown in. I love Sassy for anal play and have used it for stroking a few times but find that it does dry out fairly quickly. I have found this to be very true of all the vegan and natural lubes. I believe they are made to be mixed with natural lubricant.
    As far as lubes that have glycerin in them, they can cause infections. This is caused by the fact that glycerin is a sugar. If after use it is not cleaned up it can sit and cling to the interior and become food for bacteria which leads to the infections.
    As far a being a pricey lube, some of my favorites are a bit on the expensive side but all are well worth the price.

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