21 thoughts on “Ripe”

  1. Nero

    Ha – we think alike!
    I’ve always found ‘ripe’ to be the perfect adjective for a juicy pussy I’d like to (or am about to) devour.
    Your post has me salivating like Pavlov’s dog.

  2. Molly

    I LOVE that you have captured Jake looking at you and he appears to be REALLY looking, almost studying your beauty. That is sooooo damn erotic in my opinion, for me personally a massive turn on is to have my pussy inspected, really looked at, as if he is studying every curve, every fold, all of me.


  3. Miss July

    Love the feel of this image and the looks of intent on his face!!

    Looking deeper into this image, the open door in the background adds a great deal of mystery to this image. I love it!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  4. Dan

    I would say as a guy and a romantic and a poet, that oral is a kiss. First and foremost a kiss.

    A decade back I exited a marriage where I woke up one day and realized I’d not been kissed. In years. Years. Mouth on mouth? I was giving; w/o receiving. Oral as well. Her face and heart there at my sex with the lights on? Never.

    Once free and dating, my aim was to love and to fuck someone I cared for deeply; ring and date deeply. I wanted to put my cock where it could be home. Forever. I was/am old school pussy monogamous. So oral to me was an extension of and another way to kiss. Seriously kiss.

    I’ve heard the cute description that kissing is “shopping upstairs for goods in the basement”. Well, I was always aiming to taste and be and live in the basement. And be tasted in return.

    Penny, your putting your face on your own blog with a pic? Bold. Naked? Bolder. My intimate putting her face on my cock? My balls? Boldest. Face means Persona, no? Oral for me is a way we give and receive the most and best of who we are to the one we care intimately for. Even the term “Blow Job” seems casual to me still. This isn’t a “job” for a guy; it’s pretty close to what we live for.

    Basement? What a wonderful place to go shopping indeed. Thanks Penny for making us think. And making us think orally.

    1. Penny Post Author

      I agree; oral can be very intimate, even more so than penetrative sex in my opinion. Thanks so much for your thoughtful commentary as always Dan!

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