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I’ve wanted to update my Bio page for awhile now, and as I was working on it this week, I realized I didn’t have a photo that really captures me and my blog as well as I’d like. I have a lot of sensual nudes and artsyΒ self portraitsΒ on here, which make me look rather serious at times, when in reality I am quite silly. I do love my Pure Wand Self Portrait, but I wanted one where you can see me better.

So I got the idea of taking some “Sex Blogger Life” imagesΒ (inspired by Piph’s hashtag #sexbloggerlyfe.) I wanted them to be self portraits of course, and I wanted to be surrounded by sex toys.

Setting up the shots turned out to be challenging–juggling the difficult angle, getting all of the toys laid out, positioning myself amongst them, and paying attention to the usual photo stuff like focus, lighting, and posing was difficult. I wanted to hold my camera in some of the shots, but since I don’t have two cameras (yet), I used an extra lens instead.

I’m really happy with how these three came out…what do y’all think? Let me know which one(s) are your favorites, so I can decide which to feature on my Bio page!




Sinful Sunday


One of my Sex Blogger Life photos was featured in Beck’s July Favorite Images. Thanks Beck!

75 thoughts on “Sex Blogger Life”

  1. Anonymous

    I love the first.all are very the first u r like just a minute before giving oral sex.I m very happy because there is this blog.

  2. cc

    for the blog, it has to be number 2, you, camera and toys. and that’s what it is about. Don’t get me wrong number 1 I actually like the most, as other have mentioned.. those eyes..that picture makes the viewer focus on you rather than anything else. number 3 isn’t getting much love here either i am afraid. just a little too slapstick for my liking and it doesn’t do your abilities any justice…. sorry.


  3. Heaven

    You are always so creative look at all those amazing toys and the colors are awesome. Your a cutie as well and fit right in.

  4. Molly

    No. 1 Is so perfectly you, sexy, fun and intelligent.
    No. 2 I love the lens it says something about your love of photography but we have lost YOU from the image
    No.3 Fun, flirty and very Penny but you feel a bit lost in the toys and it is not as focused on your face. I would LOVE to see you re-shoot that one with just you and toy in that pose, with the same make-up etc but maybe sitting at a deck looking slightly secretaryish.

    So for me, of the 3, No.1 wins. Makes me smile and shows off the playful, sexy, funny, Penny I met in Atlanta, perfectly


    1. Penny Post Author

      Thanks for your detailed input Molly!

      Do you think I’m lost in #2 because of the shallow depth of field or just because my face is obscured? Because I have a couple of others that are similar with greater depth, I believe. I’ll have to look…

      I will have to try out the secretary idea and get back to you!

  5. Ashie

    I think the second and third pictures are best and really capture the “quirky” aspect (plus they made me smile!) the first one isn’t bad, by any means, but the other two are wonderful πŸ™‚

  6. Dangerous Lilly

    I genuinely cannot decide. They’re all awesome. I’m very torn between #1 and #2. I think 2 brings in your photography aspect so cutely, though, so it shows everything. But 1 is so adorable and awesome!

    CAn’t pick. Rotate em.

    1. Penny Post Author

      Thanks Lilly!! I like the idea of rotating them–right now I’ve added #2 to my social media, but I’ll probably switch out with the #1 as well.

  7. Mariasibylla

    These are all fantastic! The color and the brightness and your face in each one definitely say ‘fun and sexy’. I love your face in the first, but also love the way the second incorporates photography. Maybe expand on those two? Maybe one of the toys is a camera or a variety of lenses mixed in with the toys that surround you?

  8. sub-Bee

    I love all of the images. I think No 2. Is best for your blog, it shows the photographer in you. But my favourite is No. 1 it just sums up your fun playful side.

  9. Curvaceous Dee

    Those are fantastic photos! But for me the first one takes it – it’s your expression, and the focus on you (but with those delightful bright toys in the background) which makes it. I definitely preferred it to the others.

    xx Dee

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