This week’s prompt for Sinful Sunday is men/masculinity. When choosing this photo, my first instinct was to explain that Jake has both typically “masculine” and “feminine” qualities (like that he’s muscular yet has the beautiful hair of a goddess, for example) but then I thought, why even bother with the stereotypes? Jake is awesome, and this photo is just plain adorable, don’t you think? :)

Sinful Sunday

Sleepyheads was featured as a top photo in the Sinful Sunday Round-up; thanks Molly!

24 thoughts on “Sleepyheads”

  1. Molly

    I fucking LOVE this image. Jake is indeed awesome but that is not the first time I have said. He really does totally rock his look with the beautiful hair, the lovely masculine frame and those tattoos that I have always been a big fan of but what I love about this image is the cats expression. It is so typically feline in that it appears to be full of smug satisfaction and I have this feeling that it is looking at you and thinking… Ha! he loves meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the best because I am CAT! Quite simple perfect.


  2. Ruby Goodnight

    I agree with pretty much everything Molly said. The cat does it for me as well. Very much a ‘what are you doing in my space’ look. Well laid out and I love how the colors pop. Well done.

  3. Dan

    True. I’m a feminine side poet guy that has to lean into his masculine to keep it well fed and alive; and have always gone for masculine women. Your pic gets at a lot of this. Nice.

  4. Pandora Blake

    Oh my god, I love this! Two beautiful, cute boys (unless your cat is a girl) and Jake is stunningly pretty – in fact he reminds me of a model from Filament magazine! I love the way the cat is staring straight down the lens as well :)

  5. sub-Bee

    I am a complete sucker for any image with a cat, but the smug expression that’s saying ‘Ha, I have your spot of the bed’ is just brilliant!

  6. Mia

    Oh being a cat person myself I (like Molly) love the expression on the cat! The colours in the image are fantastic!

    ~Mia~ xx

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