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His for the Night

It was my first time.
I knew he could tell;
His blue eyes reflected
My nervousness, and
His excitement.

“Take off your panties,” he said,
“Leave your heels on.”
I tried my best to look calm
As I slid them off, slowly.
His look was like a touch,

Moving from my feet to my legs,
Pausing at my cunt, then up
To my stomach,
My breasts,
My neck, lingering
On my face.

My skin tingled.
By the time he kissed me,
I was already wet.

He didn’t have to say the words,
I could feel them.
His rough hands pulled me in.

“You’re mine,” they said.

His for the NightPhoto of Jake and I by Steve DeMent Photography

*This image was published in  Fetfan Magazine Issue 04 (p.28)

Sinful Sunday

Waterfall Nymph

This week was a busy one for  me, and since Jake’s family was in town as well and staying with us, I didn’t have any time or privacy to take an image for Sinful Sunday. I still wanted to play along, so I’ve pulled this photo from my archives. I never shared it anywhere after the shoot, and since I’ve shared more “risque” images recently, I’m past the point of worrying about nudity (plus I really like this photo!) I got the idea for the title from Molly’s lovely Sinful Sunday image “Water Nymph,” which you should definitely check out as well.

Waterfall NymphPhoto of me by Studiocaze.

This image was featured as a top photo in the Sinful Sunday Round-up! Thanks Molly! It’s also my 2nd Scavenger Hunt image, in the Waterfall category. (See my 1st Scavenger Hunt image here.)

Sinful Sunday



This image is from a shoot I did last week with one of my favorite photographers, Steve DeMent. Steve creates beautiful pinup, glamour, and commercial fashion images, and I’ve met him a few times at local burlesque shows. I was a little nervous before the shoot, since I hadn’t done one in awhile, and I was shooting with someone whose work I greatly admire, but I had a great time. Steve is professional, respectful, very easy to work with, and a genuinely nice, fun guy.

I’m extremely happy with the images we created, and I feel this one exemplifies something I’ve been seeking lately: appreciating beauty in things, without asking for more. Instead of explaining exactly what I mean by this, I’ll leave you with the image instead, and you can interpret it how you wish…






This week’s Sinful Sunday has a special Positively Pink theme in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and of course Jake and I want to show our support. If you haven’t already, why not take a few minutes to learn more and spread the word to your loved ones?

Sinful Sunday

Our post won third place in the Sinful Sunday “Get Positively Pink” competition; thanks Molly! See the rest of the competition results here.


Working on the Deck

Today Jake was working on the deck on our balcony, and I couldn’t help but admire his skills, his tools, and of course his sexy ass hanging out of his Levi cutoffs.

I snapped this picture and a few others while he was working, and then got bored and tried on his tool belt. At some point he told me to stay on the balcony and hand him posts as he was working from ground level, but I was too busy taking pictures of myself and forgot about his instructions. Or maybe I ignored them, hoping for a spanking when he found me 😉

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Sinful Sunday