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Tantus Sales Galore!


If you’ve been eyeing some dildos from Tantus, now is the time to get them because throughout September, you can get 25% off ALL DILDOS with code FIERCE!

What should you get?

I’d definitely snag something from their O2 line of dual density dildos since they are never available through the Grab Bag sale. I love both Adam (my review) & Flurry (my review.) I’ve also heard great things about/am dying to try the Splash and Cush.

Besides the O2 line, Tantus has a bunch of other rad dildos, like dildos with handles, dildos for pegging, and more!

Also, you can always get 15% off of anything store wide at Tantus with code PENNY at checkout!


And not only are all Tantus dildos on sale this month…ALL Tantus items are also 15% off at SheVibe through September 9th!

What should you get? Since Tantus dildos are on sale through Tantus this month, you could get a butt plug or one of their awesome paddles or harnesses instead…though you can actually get my fave Tantus dildos, Adam, for only $67.99 right now! (It’s usually $108.54!)

And if all that wasn’t enough, Tantus still has a bunch of toys available for cheap in their Grab Bag and Closeout sections! You might get a plain color…but you might get a unique dildo masterpiece!


Dildos for all!



Tantus is having an EPIC sale!

Tantus’ new nickname should be the silicone fairy godmother, y’all. Right now they are having a seriously EPIC sale of 40% off their already heavily discounted GRAB BAG toys with code MAYBATION. I may have spent over an hour deciding which toys to order. I felt like a little kid in a silicone candy shop. Not only are these awesome toys I’ve been coveting on sale, they come in surprise colors! I may or may not have ordered 6 dildos & a butt plug. Ok, I did:

grabbagsaleIn my defense, not all 3 of those Vamps are for me. One of them is for an epic Vampire Sex Toys Giveaway I’m plotting, and one is for an experiment. I also plan to either give away or use the Ryder for an experiment. As for the others, I’ve always wanted to try one of Tantus’ dildos-with-a-handle, I’ve also wanted to try a dildo with suction cup abilities, and the Leisure seems like it’ll be perfect for pegging (now I just need a harness!)

In case you’re wondering how good of a deal this really is, let me break it down for you:

Normal prices: Echo: $72.16, Echo Handle- $57.65 Leisure: $59.03, Vamp: $48.14, Ryder: $38.44

Grab Bag Prices: Echo: $32.99, Echo Handle- $26.99 Leisure: $26.99, Vamp: $16.99, Ryder: $17.99

Grab Bag Maybation Sale: Echo: $19.80, Echo Handle- $16.19 Leisure: $16.19, Vamp: $10.19, Ryder: $10.80

If you’ve been on the hunt for cheap, high quality, 100% body safe pure silicone sex toys, this is the perfect opportunity! Get them while you can! (Offer good through Sunday May 25th) Please clear your cache & cookies in order for me to get credit for referring you (since I’m now broke & I can’t eat dildos…or can I?)

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