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This image is from a shoot I did last week with one of my favorite photographers, Steve DeMent. Steve creates beautiful pinup, glamour, and commercial fashion images, and I’ve met him a few times at local burlesque shows. I was a little nervous before the shoot, since I hadn’t done one in awhile, and I was shooting with someone whose work I greatly admire, but I had a great time. Steve is professional, respectful, very easy to work with, and a genuinely nice, fun guy.

I’m extremely happy with the images we created, and I feel this one exemplifies something I’ve been seeking lately: appreciating beauty in things, without asking for more. Instead of explaining exactly what I mean by this, I’ll leave you with the image instead, and you can interpret it how you wish…





Vintage Spanking Postcards

In addition to discovering some interesting surreal, dark, and playful paintings at the Museum of Erotica in Barcelona, I also enjoyed viewing their collection of vintage erotic postcards. The description of the postcards said they’re from 1900 to the end of World War I, but unfortunately it didn’t give any details as to where each postcard came from specifically. There was a range of genres of erotic postcards, from glamour photos of single women showing only their breasts, to explicit ones portraying group sex and “sex toys,” to spanking scenes like these, which were some of my favorites:

The first postcard makes me imagine a sort of confessional/discipline scene, and the second seems to be a group public humiliation/spanking…what do you think?


Erotic Art Thursday 3: Quimet Sabaté

“Mi obra… una obra con una estética propia con resonancias surrealistas, creo haber conseguido mi objetivo” Quimet Sabaté

English Translation: “My work…a work with a unique esthetic with surrealist resonances, I believe I have achieved my goal.”

Quimet Sabaté’s works were some of my favorites from the Museum of Erotica in Barcelona. I snapped these photos of two of his paintings, but he has many more striking surreal erotic images in his website galleries. I especially love the surreal imagery in the first painting: the mysterious legs with knee high boots, the hanging woman, the floating eye mask; every time I look I seem to notice more details and interpret the scene differently.

I was surprised to find that not a lot of information came up when I searched for him in Google other than his official website, which is in Spanish. Since there isn’t a site about Sabaté in English (and the online English translation is pretty spotty), I’ve written up a loose translation of his biography:

Quimet Sabaté was born on May 7th, 1936 in Mora la Nueva in Tarragona, the southernmost province of Cataluña, Spain. He left his town and moved to Barcelona for his father’s work, where he met international merchant Peter Sugar Kunt, who obtained his production rights almost exclusively until the start of his second stage in Tetuán (Morocco 1958-60.) He celebrated his first individual exhibition in the halls of Orfeó Català of D.F México, securing his resounding success. This success was a powerful stimulus for him to follow his true vocation of painting. Afterwards, he exhibited his work at the Sala Bargalló, Galería Qixote de Madrid, Taller de Picasso, International Art Auction, and Art Union of Barcelona. The Mexican merchant Gama Huertas introduced him to the American market, and the Wellve Company Inc. of New York, Bellovite (Toronto, Canadá), Galería Tudó of Chicago and Viena Art publishing, Co.lnc. from New York acquired his works.

*Note: This is my loose English translation of Quimet Sabaté’s biography. For his original biography in Spanish, see his official website.

Erotic Art Thursday 2: Martin Van Maele

Another artist whose work I discovered at the Museum of Erotica in Barcelona was French illustrator Martin Van Maele (1895-1918.) I love the dark, transgressive themes in his drawings. Here are two I captured despite of the bad lighting and reflections in the museum:

There were many other provocative and sometimes eerie images in his collection The Great Macabre Dance of the Alive Ones (1907), including drawings with children, BDSM, and death.

Erotic Art Thursday 1: Peter Fendi

Although I never formally posted about it, you may know from some of my tweets that I recently traveled to Barcelona for a month. While I was there, I didn’t have much time to do anything blog-related, but I did get a chance to visit a couple of sex shops as well as the Museum of Erotica, a gallery of historic erotic artifacts, paintings, photographs, and films on La Rambla.

The Museum of Erotica was basically a series of small rooms with various erotic artworks with short descriptions and an optional audio guide. I used the audio guide for awhile but got bored pretty quickly listening to the not very informative descriptions and mainly wandered around shooting photos of pieces that interested me.

I enjoyed viewing the erotic artwork, even though the museum was small and overpriced (9 Euro.) Rather than try to include all of my favorite images from the museum in one post, Jake suggested that I post one or two every week, and thus my idea for Erotic Art Thursdays was born.

This week I would like to share two of my favorites from the museum, erotic watercolors by Austrian artist Peter Fendi (1796-1842.) I’m sure you can guess why I love the enthusiastic portrayal of female ejaculation, and I especially love the image of all of the men drinking it!

If you would like your artwork featured on an upcoming Erotic Art Thursday post, feel free to contact me!