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1st Blogiversary

Inspired by Mia Lee’s* post “Happy Birthday Mia,” I’ve decided to share some of the highlights of my first year of blogging since today is my blog’s first birthday, aka my first blogiversary.

After constantly telling my coworkers at the sex shop that I wanted to start my own sex blog, I finally sat down and created a free site on Blogger and published my first post, “Meant for Each Other: For Silicone Lovers,” a tip about certain brands of silicone toys and lubricants that can be used together.

My next post about the Tenga Egg Masturbator Sleeve was my first sex toy review, which led me to come across Kit O’Connell’s blog Approximately 8,000 words. Since then, Kit has been an inspiration to me, and when I moved from my free Blogger site to self hosting, he even let me pick his brain about WordPress over coffee.

Some of my other early posts include a poem about the first time I kissed a girl, my number one female celeb fantasy, vintage vibrator ads, and my thoughts on watching porn.

Although I wasn’t initially sure if I wanted to share photos on my blog or stay completely anonymous, the exhibitionist in me came out quickly, and I posted my first image.

Believe it or not, I only recently posted my first erotic story, A Rough Morning. I’d written a few before but never shared them, and I’ve felt more comfortable with poetry since I studied it in college, but I’m glad I took the leap since I had an overwhelmingly positive response, and I look forward to writing and sharing more erotica.

As far as sex goes, the accomplishment I’m most proud of over the past year was squirting for the first time. The experience left me wet, invigorated, and literally jumping up and down afterwards. I also finally had my first truly pleasurable experience with anal sex, thanks to a book, some toys, and approaching the whole thing differently.

And now for your favorites…

My most popular search term is still “my first squirt,” and my most popular blog post is “My Feminine Fountain is Finally Flowing,” which is awesome since it’s one of my favorite posts as well.

Some of my other most popular posts this year were my Lelo Luna Beads and Hitachi reviews, my sexy foot poem, my reflection on my abstinence only sex education, my guide to safe sex toys, my post about meeting my hero Deborah Sundahl, and my erotic story Dirty Talk, which is especially impressive considering I only posted it less than a month ago.

pennysblog_herekittyMy most popular photo is the first one I posted for Wanton Wednesday and was the header photo for e[lust]#33, Here Kitty.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with my blog over the past year, and I look forward to another year of writing, photography, and of course, dirty thoughts and lots of sex!


*By the way, if you haven’t read any of Mia’s sexy stories yet, go ahead and join her down the rabbit hole, you won’t be disappointed.