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How I Did It: Francesca Woodman Inspired Self Portraits

Molly said she’d like to read about how I got this shot, and since I took quite a few photos in this style, I figured this would be a perfect chance to share the others and explain my process.

My inspiration for these came from Francesa Woodman, a young American photographer who shot haunting black and white photos, often of herself and other nude women. Woodman frequently used slow shutter speeds to portray ghostly figures of women who seem to vanish or blend into their surroundings. If you want to learn more about Francesca and her family, check out the documentary The Woodmans (it’s on Netflix.)

I wasn’t sure how slow I should set to shutter to, so I experimented. As a general rule, any shutter slower than about 1/60 sec. (or 1/the focal length of your lens) will show movement, and the longer the shutter, the more potential you have for blurring motion.

I shoot using Manual, adjusting my Aperture as needed, but if you aren’t comfortable shooting in Manual, set your camera to Shutter Priority, and that way you can set the Shutter Speed to what you want and let the camera set the Aperture to make a good exposure.

These were taken with a 2 second shutter (I call this series, “Set Me Free”):

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I didn’t do a lot of editing on these; I converted them to Black & White by desaturating each color in Lightroom & pulling down the blue/aqua Luminance to make the wall pop, and then bumped up the Contrast & Clarity by 100 to define my “ghostly” shape and bring back some detail in the midtones:


I also shot Disappearing Act & She’s a Betty with a 2 second shutter.

I tried as slow as 15 seconds, and got a couple that I liked. The longer you stay in one place during the exposure, the more defined it is…so if you move all over the place things get pretty blurry, but you can count and move around strategically to create a double exposure look, like in this one:



Finally, for the shot that Molly asked about, Haunted, I used a 1/1.3 (about 1 second) shutter with a 100 ISO & f 4.5 aperture. I edited it similarly to the Set Me Free photos but not as extreme with the clarity. I set my head on the mirror and did a sort of swoopy motion (super scientific I know) to make my head look like it was melting into the mirror.


With slow shutter speeds, it takes some trial and error, but I like experimenting, and I feel like there’s a magic that comes with just doing what feels right. Here are some others I took with the same settings…the only things that changed were my movement and speed:

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As for the rest of my process, I shot these with my Nikon d5100 on a tripod, with my remote trigger set to a 2 second delay (my usual set up), so I have time to get rid of the remote (aka throw it somewhere and scare my cat) before the shot. I usually don’t use flash and set up my lamps as makeshift lights.

I took a quick phone picture as I was setting up, complete with my camera & tripod, the mirror & lamp, Francesa Woodman’s images up on the TV for inspiration, and my curious kitty of course:


To sum up, I shot these as I usually shoot self portraits, but I experimented with slow shutter speeds and movement to create ghostly figures and blend into my surroundings. If you have any other questions, ask in the comments!


I go through phases in creativity (and in life.) Sometimes I focus on photography, sometimes I write, write, write, and sometimes I limit myself on both and simply open myself up to inspiration. Lately I’ve been in a writing intensive phase and haven’t taken a lot of photos. I also haven’t gone out much lately. Mostly I’ve been at home, working, writing and chillin’ with my cat. I almost didn’t post anything for Sinful Sunday, but then I decided this image is a perfect depiction of  my mood during the past few weeks…



Sinful Sunday

Sushi and Boobs

pennysblog_sushiandboobsYesterday I had fun eating sushi, wearing Thai nipple clamps, and shooting photos, simultaneously. I didn’t put them on very tight, but they still stung quite a bit by the time I removed them, in a good way though!

I’m also submitting this as my 1st Boobday photo, a meme I’ve been meaning to participate in for awhile now.

So… sushi & boobs anyone?


Elise and Her New Toy

Elise and Her New ToyMy friend Elise sent me this sexy image to share in my first ever guest post. She said she snapped the photo for someone special and didn’t even realize that her new toy was out on the counter…what a happy accident! Her gorgeous figure, mysterious pose, and accidental prop make this one hot photo! I’m honored that she thought of my blog  to share it. Maybe we’ll see more of her soon… 😉

His for the Night

It was my first time.
I knew he could tell;
His blue eyes reflected
My nervousness, and
His excitement.

“Take off your panties,” he said,
“Leave your heels on.”
I tried my best to look calm
As I slid them off, slowly.
His look was like a touch,

Moving from my feet to my legs,
Pausing at my cunt, then up
To my stomach,
My breasts,
My neck, lingering
On my face.

My skin tingled.
By the time he kissed me,
I was already wet.

He didn’t have to say the words,
I could feel them.
His rough hands pulled me in.

“You’re mine,” they said.

His for the NightPhoto of Jake and I by Steve DeMent Photography

*This image was published in  Fetfan Magazine Issue 04 (p.28)

Sinful Sunday