Lately I’ve been considering shaving off my bush for the rest of the summer, but it hasn’t happen yet! If I do I think I’ll feel weird without it…

Sinful Sunday


His for the Night

It was my first time.
I knew he could tell;
His blue eyes reflected
My nervousness, and
His excitement.

“Take off your panties,” he said,
“Leave your heels on.”
I tried my best to look calm
As I slid them off, slowly.
His look was like a touch,

Moving from my feet to my legs,
Pausing at my cunt, then up
To my stomach,
My breasts,
My neck, lingering
On my face.

My skin tingled.
By the time he kissed me,
I was already wet.

He didn’t have to say the words,
I could feel them.
His rough hands pulled me in.

“You’re mine,” they said.

His for the NightPhoto of Jake and I by Steve DeMent Photography

*This image was published in  Fetfan Magazine Issue 04 (p.28)

Sinful Sunday

The Ethical Slut


This photo was featured in the weekly Sinful Sunday Round-up; thanks Molly!

Sinful Sunday

The Big Ugly Self Portrait Challenge

I am in love with The Big Ugly, a blog overflowing with beautiful and inspiring self portraiture. Lauralyn, the photographer/subject/writer of the blog uses what she calls “Cheap Camera/10 second timer Self Portraiture” to capture her images, which are often shot in incredibly intriguing locations and usually leave me wondering, how on earth did she manage to jump so high or get into that position in 10 seconds, let alone create such an amazing photograph in the process??

So when I saw she was having a Self Portrait Challenge, with the rules deeming that each player must use her same “dash” method, I had to try it! Since I typically use my DSLR camera and remote to capture my self portraits, I knew using the 10 second timer method would be a challenge. I even decided to go a step further and use an old FinePix XP point and shoot camera and shoot in an outdoor location, to really push myself and get a feel for what her process is like. Although she uses a gorilla pod, I actually forgot to bring any sort of tripod, upping the ante even further.

Jake came with me for moral support (and as a lookout ), but he wasn’t allowed to help me in the photography process in any way. At first I tried climbing a tree, wedging the camera between some bark to shoot up my body. After one shot that seemed promising, the camera slipped, and I wasn’t able to get it to balance again. Here is the sole photo from that attempt, which I think is actually kinda cool in its own way:


I also tried hanging from/posing by the same tree, without any results I was very happy with. After the tree attempts, I headed over to a rocky area and tried lying on/doing a back-bend over/standing on the rocks.

pennysblog_backbendBut I still wasn’t happy with the results I was getting and realized the camera’s battery was already almost dead, so I decided to go for the gold: I set my camera on a nearby bench thing, stripped, and ran across the jagged rocks (stubbing my toe in the process), and threw my arms up as I ignored the pain. The result was my favorite image and the one I entered into the contest. I call it, “Free”:


After the winning shot, I took 3 more photos before the camera died, ending the shoot at a total of 23 photos, only 17 of which actually  had enough of me to be recognizable in them.

I already admired Lauralyn’s photographs, but now I am in even more awe of her work after trying the same methods she uses. In the process of trying to capture just one decent image, I ended up sweaty and tired, with a bleeding toe, a mild allergic reaction in the form of a rash on my thighs from straddling the tree, and a new admirer (did I forget to mention a curious guy spotted me at one point?)

When I got home and looked through the images though, I knew it was worth it. I doubt I could have captured the same image if I had time to think and consciously pose like I usually do. There is a magic that comes from spontaneous moments in the creative process, and somehow I managed to get my whole body in the frame and capture a spontaneous, natural pose and feeling.  I’m so glad I joined in on her challenge, pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, gained a new perspective on self portraiture, and discovered some other talented artists in the process.

Originally she said there would be 5 winners, but since only 9 photos were entered, and they are literally all amazing, we all won free snazzy Big Ugly T-Shirts! Go us! :)


Happy Birthday Wicked Wednesday

A year ago, I participated in the first ever Wicked Wednesday, a sexy meme created by Rebel after Wanton Wednesday ended. The theme was celebration, and I posted a  short piece of erotica paired with an image celebrating self love and masturbation. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since then!

So happy birthday Wicked Wednesday, and thanks to Rebel for creating a space for us to continue sharing our hump day debauchery!

Also, speaking of birthdays, my 2nd blogiversary is coming up in September…feel free to let me know if you have any celebration suggestions. :)

Wicked WednesdayAnd in case you missed my post on Instagram, here’s some more colorful jewelry that I made recently: ;)



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