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Showing Off

Of course I had to take advantage of the fun view from our new friends’ hotel window at EroticonUSA. During this one M said, see she knows how to pose!


But that was just a warm up. I had to try for a Scavenger Hunt photo (and strip!) of course.


But I had trouble holding my pose when Jake suddenly bit me! I still have two bite shaped bruises on my ass, lol.


Thanks so much to the amazing M from Cammies on the Floor for taking these and for being my partner in crime Saturday night! I do have some more photos from Eroticon as well  as things to say, so stay tuned for another Eroticon post.

Also, if you haven’t seen my “bloody” Boobday photo for this week, please have a look!

Sinful Sunday




Last weekend, my friends and I went tubing and rented a house on the river. I couldn’t resist jumping into the water from the deck outside, and flashing my boobs in the process, of course. This is actually a still from a camera phone video which I was having trouble editing/decided not to post…maybe another time. 🙂

It’s also a new Scavenger Hunt location for me, woo! (river)

Sinful Sunday

Eeyore’s Birthday

Yesterday was one of my favorite Austin traditions, Eeyore’s Birthday, a festival filled with people in costumes, drum circles, food benefiting local non-profits, music, and most importantly, peaceful vibes.

Eeyore’s started in 1963 as a spring party and picnic for the UT English Department students (if only I had attended 40 years earlier!) and has evolved and changed but is still a favorite annual Austinite celebration. It has an awesome hippie feel, and people of all ages come together to play and party and celebrate our weird city.

I’ve attended for quite a few years now, and this one was just as fun as the rest. Jake and I wandered around, watched people play football on unicycles, admired the crazy costumes, hoop dancers, and musicians, met up with friends, and danced in the last drum circle as the sun set. And of course I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a Scavenger Hunt photo! I also posted a fully clothed(ish) photo on Instagram 🙂

Eeyore's Birthday Vintage Edit

Happy 50th Birthday Eeyore!

As Molly suggested, I’ve added a new vintage edit. Click the image to see the original, and let me know which one you like better!

The original image was featured as a top photo in the Sinful Sunday weekly Round-up; thanks Jilly & Molly!

Sinful Sunday