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Impromptu Photo-shoot: Caitlin at Woodhull


Quite a few spontaneous photo-shoots happened at Woodhull this summer, many of which happened on the last day. It all started when I lent my camera to Epiphora to take some photos of her Wahl and Womanizer. Then I shot some self portraits in Bex’s shiny new Eleven. Then Epiphora shot Bex and I jumping on the bed wearing only strap-ons. Then I shot some portraits of the awesome Caitlin of Sex-ational! (don’t they have the prettiest eyes!?)…while still only wearing my strap-on. You’d never guess from the photos that it was technically a “nude” shoot…or knowing us, you might. 😉


Thanks Epiphora for capturing this rad behind the scenes shot on my phone!


Dildo Hero

“When I die, bury me with all my sex toys.” —Lunabelle

pennysblog_lunabelleLunabelle, aka the writer of Ninja Sexology, is one of my dildo heroes. I have quite a few dildos, but her collection is straight up awe-inspiring. She currently owns 185 dildos, many of which are from small companies and are unique, colorful, gorgeous, and often huge. Lucky for those of us who attended Woodhull last month, she brought along about 50 of them for us to admire and squish!pennysblog_ninjascollectionpennysblog_ninjascollection2pennysblog_ninjascollection_3SinfulSundayLips100

The Adorable Bex (Talks Sex)


Bex talks sex, wears ice cream dresses, and makes double ended dildo creations. Can we talk for a minute about how adorable Bex is?

Pictured: the (now extinct) Tie-Bright Maverick & Hole Punch Toys Fluke. I took these shots in Oregon during Dildo Holiday.



Interview with a Cam Model: Scarlet Rose Fox


Scarlet Rose Fox is a sex blogger and sex toy reviewer who, like me, used to sell sex toys in Texas. She has also been both a phone sex operator as well as a cam model and agreed to share her thoughts and experiences camming on my blog in this interview.

What is the most surprising/shocking thing anyone has asked you to do?

My first night on cam, I will never forget the man who wanted to go into a private chat with me. He didn’t want to do anything else but for me to get nice and close up on the cam so that he could see only my nose. He had me turn it every which way that I could so he could see it from every angle.

“He must have spent almost 30 minutes with me in that room just fixated on my nose.”

Your blogger name is Scarlet Rose Fox, and you’ve come out to your readers as a “furry” personality. Does that side of you come out while camming?

Not really, on my cam site I go by a different name, ScarletBBW. It’s a way for me to clearly use my name so that those who are on the site know I’m a plus sized woman. As for my furry personality, it doesn’t come out much when I’m camming. I tend to keep that part of me just for in person around those I am close with.

How long have you been camming, and what sparked your interest in it?

I have only been camming since January. The reason I started was because I had done phone work before, so I thought I would give this a shot. It was a little different, and I was having trouble finding a job in the normal work force.

So how did you get into phone work? Once you decided to try camming instead, how did you go about starting it?

Phone work was the result of a need for a job when I first moved down to Texas. I had a friend suggest it to me as a joke, but then I seriously started looking into it and found a company that I felt comfortable working for. As for camming, I had followed a few cam girls on Tumblr that I had a bit of a crush on, and I started asking them questions about getting into it. I started slowly checking out the many sites and weighing which one would be the best for me.

For those who don’t already know, what is camming and how does it work?

Camming is when I am running a web cam with a chat room; viewers come in, and they can talk and interact with me. I am able to do things for them for small ‘tips’ or run private shows with people who want to be one-on-one with me, though sometimes I run shows that are public for everyone to see as well when I get to a certain goal during the night.

How do you interact with your viewers?

I like to just talk to them, answer questions they may have about me or things I am into. I have actually found that a lot of guys like to just hang out and talk. Not all of them are looking for sexual things.

What are some of the common fantasies or requests that people ask for?

My biggest requests are to see me flash my breasts, ass, or other parts of my body. Because I am a larger woman, I do get a lot of men who are into that and wish to see my stomach a lot.

Do you have a certain type of clientele?

I get a lot of men who are into BBW’s (Big Beautiful Women).

Do you ever have women come into your room? 

Not as much as men; I have only had a few women who come into my room that aren’t the other models on the site.

You identify as a submissive on your blog; do you ever submit while camming?

On cam I do not. I had listed myself as submissive for a while, but I found that attracted a lot of men who just wanted me to submit outright to them. This is not something I am keen on doing with people who I haven’t spoken to about any of my limits or boundaries at all, so I removed that. I have found that camming has brought out my slightly Dominant side to be honest, as there are many men who have come into my room wanting that.

How does phone work compare to camming, and which do you prefer?

Personally I prefer camming, with phones I have to wait and wait for a call to come in. With camming I always have people coming into my chat room no matter what time I am on.

Are camming and phone work a main source of your income?

Right now camming is, when I was doing phone work I was doing it part time while I was also working retail.

Do you prefer camming to other jobs you’ve had in the past?

Actually, yes I do.

“I set my own hours, I can talk with people, and I have say in who can stay in my chat room or not. I don’t have to be super nice or fake it with the people who come into my room.”

Is this something you see yourself doing long term?

For now yes, even if I am only doing it as part time thing later or just for a bit of spending money here and there.

Have you ever considered doing porn or other types of sex work?

For a short time I did, but truthfully, in person I am super shy.

What are your favorite/least favorite camming experiences?

My favorites are when I get a group of people who really want to talk or get things moving in my room towards the fun stuff. Or when I get ninja tippers, people who just randomly come in and drop a huge tip without wanting anything in return.

As for my least, I would have to say that is when I get people who come into my room to just be assholes about my weight, which can be really hard personally. Though lately I have been getting some really bad stalkers who think because I talk with them on cam often, I am like their girlfriend. That is really hard.

How do you deal with the criticism and the stalkers? 

I take it as it comes, normally just letting it roll off my back when it happens. It’s not worth it to let people get to me because they want to come into my room and be jerks. Though there are nights when it’s harder, and sometimes I take a few moments to step away from the cam to just let myself calm down, allowing me to get it out of my system and come back refreshed.

 Do you tell your friends or any family about phone or cam work, and is so, & what are their attitudes towards it?

I have told a few friends and family about it, mostly those that I know I can trust. A few think I’m crazy but understand that finding a more 9 to 5 job can be hard these days. Others super support it and have even given me ideas for things to do like custom videos to sell. It can be a lot of fun honestly, but I do have to be careful who I share the information with. Like…my mother knows, but my father does not.

Do you ever worry about someone you don’t want to know you’re a cam model finding out? Do you take measures to ensure your privacy?

I do worry about that from time to time, especially people who I don’t want finding out that I am modeling which is mostly extended family. Thankfully the sites I am on allow me to block certain regions by city/state so that people I know in that area cannot accidentally come across me. It also helps keep down on the guys who realize we are in the same state and want to meet me in person, which is a plus. So there is also no chance of just being out and about where I live and being recognized.

If the tables were turned and you were the one watching, who would you watch? What would you request of them?

Hmm, that is tough. I think I would want to watch a guy or girl who I could have a good conversation with before asking to see anything else. Though I know I would love to watch him or her later just have a wonderful orgasm however they chose.

Do you think camming/phone work has affected your sex life? If so, how?

“I think in a lot of ways it’s made me more confident about the things that I enjoy in my sex life, and just about my body in general.”

I have found that I want to wear sexy clothing more often, and I am learning what I think I look best in. As for when I was doing phone work, it made me able to vocalize more in the bedroom and really just be able to let go with what I was feeling/wanting in bed.

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a cam model?

The advice that I would give to someone who wants to do it, is that it looks easy but it’s not. You cannot just sit in front of the camera and expect people to toss their money at you. You have to be engaging and really work, make sure you have the time to at least go on about 3 to 4 times a week if you can so that you can really make the most of it and connect with people. Also, be prepared to learn about fetishes you never knew people could have…you will run into a lot of them!