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Butt Toy Sales Galore!

Can y’all believe it’s already October? I am super excited to have an excuse to take more creepy nudes and watch scary movies…

There are a bunch of new sex toy sales for October too, and the theme this month is butt toys galore!


Right now you can get 25% off Tantus plugs with code CHEEKY at checkout! (Excludes the already discounted Grab Bag toys.) This is a great opportunity to get some of the plugs that aren’t offered cheaper through the Grab Bag for less, like the Juice (review upcoming but I enjoy mine & the base is super comfy!), and the Neo, which is very similar and I’ve heard is awesome too!

What’s on my wishlist as far as plugs? Definitely Neo because I want to see how it compares to Juice, and also the Meteorite & Asteroid…mainly because of the fun colors! 🙂

Update 10/3: Tantus released a new plug today! I haven’t tried yet, but it looks like a great beginner plug!


And of course, don’t forget about Grab Bag & Limited Edition/Closeout toys, which are always a great deal as well.


Right now Tantus is also offering FREE SHIPPING for US orders $100 & up as well as International orders $200 & up! Tantus shipping isn’t cheap, so this is awesome deal, y’all!


Wondering what new Tantus I have on the way? I just ordered the Alumina Motion (an aluminum dildo that’s been discontinued so get it while you can), & a Grab Bag Ripple.


Get your silicone butt toy fix from Tantus…and your glass/ceramic fix for 10% off from SheVibe! (Through 10/21.) If you’ve wanted a Crystal Delights Plug like mine, now’s the time! So get a classic plug, a Hello Kitty plug, a magnetic bunny tail plug, or a pony tail plug for less!

What’s on my wishlist for Crystal Delights? All of the plugs I mentioned above besides the classic (because I have one)…and also the Pineapple Plug! I also have yet to try a ceramic plug, but they also seem intriguing.

Other Miscellaneous sales:

Lovehoney always has stuff on sale– the Tease Me Paddle is on sale for only $20, and they also have some glass & silicone toys on sale for super cheap. See all sales going on right now here!

Also, you can now see ongoing sales on my Pinterest board!

Screenshot (82)

Happy October everyone! As always if you have any questions about what toys to buy, shoot me an email! (pennyforyourdirtythoughts [at] gmail [dot] com.)

Bulging with Pleasure

pennysblog_bulgingI haven’t participated in Toy Tuesday every week lately, and I don’t know why not…I have so much fun with it! So look out for more Toy Tuesday photos, y’all! This one is my new Bound from the Tantus/SheVibe collaboration Vibeology!


Bound is here!


As soon as I saw the Tantus Bound, a dildo that looks like it’s wrapped tightly in rope, I had to have one. Bound is the first dildo from Vibeology, a new collaboration that features SheVibe’s amazing designs & Tantus’ high quality silicone, and it’s a beauty!

Some first impressions of the Bound: It’s shorter than my other Tantus dildos (6.5″) and has a max girth of about 1.5,” with lots of texture in the rope and veins detail. The silicone is firm, but it still has some squish & give to it, and it’s matte–the kind that attracts dust & will require a lot of lube. Oh, and did I mention how awesome it looks?

I won’t say too much about it now, as I’m planning to review it, but I couldn’t resist posting a teaser photo! And in case you haven’t seen it yet, SheVibe’s bad ass Bound artwork:


Right now the Bound is available for 10% off from Tantus with code VIBEOLOGY! You can also pre-order it now from SheVibe.

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