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Review: Tenga Egg Masturbator Sleeve

tengaeggclickerI recently received a free Tenga Egg masturbator from a product knowledge seminar and decided to try it out on my boyfriend Jake. I’ve always been intrigued by the Tenga Eggs because of their visual appeal: they come wrapped in an Easter egg like container that pops open to reveal a transparent, open-ended, egg-shaped elastomer masturbator sleeve that is textured on the inside and smooth on the outside.

The eggs come in different textures, and the one I used was the Clicker, which has little round nubbies.  I enjoyed using it on Jake because it wasn’t very messy—the egg has a little ridge near the opening where you can easily squirt lube—and the lube stayed inside the egg, keeping me from getting sticky. It was also fun to watch his penis moving through the egg, and the transparency and material made it seem like something out of a sci-fi fantasy.

As for Jake’s opinion, he said that it feels good but kind of strange and less sensitive. He has also used it a couple of times since on his own, and he said he likes it because it’s something different from his usual routine. He said it takes him longer to climax (which could be either a pro or a con depending on your mood.) His main complaint is that he isn’t in the mood to use it very often because he has to spend extra time cleaning it out afterwards and take a shower to get all the lube off.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Tenga Eggs to anyone with a penis who wants to mix up their hand job routine since it’s cheap, novel, and fun.

*Tenga Eggs are available from LovehoneySheVibe, Good Vibrations, and most retailers!

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