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TMI Tuesday: Summer Lovin’

1. Do you have more sex or less when on vacation?

It depends on the situation. When I was in Spain for a month last summer without Jake, I didn’t have any sex (besides masturbating), so that was obviously less. Jake and I have also gone on trips with family and had less sex than usual because of the circumstances. But the one time we were alone on a trip, we had plenty of sex. We took advantage of the huge mirrors on the hotel wall, of course.

2. Do you plan a vacation so that you will have an opportunity to have

So far I’ve never had a need to. Jake and I live together without anyone else and have plenty of opportunities for uninterrupted sex.

3. Have you ever planned a vacation in order to meet someone for sex?

No, not yet. But I’d say Jake and I are open to the idea.

4. Have you ever gone on a singles’ cruise or some other
hookup-facilitating vacation?

No, but it’s something Jake and I would consider.

5. Have you had sex on a means of transportation other than a car: bus, train, airplane, cruise ship?


6. Have you had outdoor sex on camping, hiking, skiing, boating

I had sex with an ex while camping at Coachella when we were there to see Rage Against the Machine. Two of our friends were asleep in the tent, and we could hear police helicopters above us.  As it turns out, there were riots going on.

Bonus:  Do you pack sex toys, lubes (3.4 oz. bottles or less), etc. when you fly? Do you think about TSA finding them? Has TSA ever found them and questioned you about your sexual aids or displayed them? Tell us about it.

Yes, I pack sex toys when I fly, although so far I’ve only brought small vibrators. I brought a bullet vibe to Argentina, and Lelo Mia to Spain and Mexico. The TSA has never questioned me about them or displayed them. I did wonder what would happen if they found Mia while airport workers were looking through my bag in Mexico, but they didn’t take it out and nothing happened. Mia looks like a lipstick or USB drive, so I’m usually not very worried about it.


TMI Tuesday- Navigating Sex

1. Answer Yes or No:
I Regret My First Kiss

First of all, I’m not sure what I should consider my first kiss. Was it the one on the cheek in 4th grade with my “boyfriend” who I shared with my two girlfriends? Or the first one with tongue when I was 14 with a guy I didn’t care about who tasted like old mints? Nah, I don’t regret either one.

I Miss My First Love

Sometimes I wonder how he is doing, but I don’t miss him in an “I want to see him” kind of way.

I Married My First Love


I Loved Someone That Didn’t Love Me

Truthfully, I’m not sure. There have been times when I thought I loved someone, but looking back I’m not sure I would still call it love.

2. Do you consider yourself monogamous or polyamorous or some other category which you will explain or define for us now?

This may sounds cliché, but I don’t like labels. Jake and I aren’t “monogamous” in the normal sense because we are open to having sexual experiences together with other partners, but we aren’t polyamorous either. We’re just….us. And before Jake, I had monogamous partners as well as one dysfunctional open relationship.

3. Your partner is in the mood for sex and you are tired – what do you do?
a. Start snoring. There is no way I’m giving it up tonight.
b. Trade. You give me a massage… and we will see…
c. That would never happen!

None of the above. I can get in the mood even when I’m tired, but sometimes I just don’t want to have sex, and Jake respects that as well.

4. Does your partner mind if you masturbate, in bed, when they are there?

If I’m masturbating in bed, and he’s around, we usually start to play or do some sort of mutual masturbation. So no, he doesn’t mind.

5. Describe your typical sexual romp:
a. You are playful and tame
b. You have occasionally introduced a few things like outfits and toys
c. You love trying new things and shocking your partner

Again, none of the above. I am playful, but I don’t consider myself tame. We try outfits and toys together sometimes, but they usually get tossed away pretty quickly. We do love trying new things, but neither of us really “shocks” each other; we’re both pretty open minded. Our typical sexual romp is…passionate, messy, and satisfying.

Bonus: What was your best ever masturbation experience. Why was it the best? Describe.

I can’t pick just one time…almost every time I orgasm I think it was the best orgasm ever because it’s the most recent one in my mind.



TMI Tuesday: Masturbation Month 2013


1. My favorite place to masturbate is ________ ?

Either in bed or on the futon. I like to be comfortable. 🙂

2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?

I actually don’t think I’ve ever masturbated in public, although I have had sex in public.

3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?

Yes definitely. I like doing it with Jake because the intimacy of watching how he touches himself turns me on, and it’s fun to tease each other and mix things up. I’ve even written a short erotic story about it…

4. When was the last time you masturbated?

Last night before going to sleep. Also, I’ve been touching myself a little while writing this. My clit has a mind of its own what can I say…

5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?

I’ve taken a few photos of myself while masturbating.

6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?

Yes, especially if it’s to me. I also like watching people have sex…and porn…

Bonus: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?

I’ve made some sexy home videos with Jake that included me touching myself, but no, I’m not sharing them here…although who knows maybe I will at some point.

TMI Tuesday blog

TMI Tuesday: Fantasy Anyone?

Spoiler Alert: If you watch American Horror Story or Dexter and haven’t seen episodes from the latest seasons, you may want to skip this post or at least question #3.

1. Do you think that acting out a fantasy can sometimes cause damage to a relationship?

I’m sure it could, if someone involved isn’t comfortable with the fantasy or how it’s played out, but I think that can be avoided with open and honest communication before, during, and after acting out the fantasy. For me, fantasies are a fun and important way to keep things sexy and exciting.

2. Some couples role play their fantasies rather than introducing another person into the relationship to live out their fantasies. Do you think that this is an acceptable substitute?

Sure, why not? It all depends on how the people involved feel about it. I can see why some people would rather stick to role play and why others would rather have the real thing, and personally I’m open to both.

3. Is there a particular movie or TV series or character from a movie or TV series that you fantasize about?

Lately I’ve been fantasizing a lot about dark characters, specifically Kit/Tate from American Horror Story and Dexter Morgan. The Kit and Grace sex scene in Asylum drove me absolutely crazy.  I love the idea of lusting after someone dark, and the danger involved in not knowing if they are a brutal killer or not. I also love scenes in movies/TV shows when the lovers accept each other no matter what their partner has done, and when Grace says, “I don’t care what you are,” right before they fuck…so hot! In Dexter’s case, when Hannah has sex with him right after he was going to kill her? Again, fucking hot! Tate’s character and appeal is more complicated, but I think it boils down to the fact that I think the idea of someone who is so evil yet still capable of love is a turn on as well. Oh yea, and Evan Peters completely covered in latex? That may have something to do with it…

4. Apart from the obvious things like child abuse, are there some things that are ‘off limits’ for a fantasy e.g. incest fantasies, age play, rape fantasies. Why/ why not?

No, not really. I think it’s fine to fantasize about whatever you want, especially because you can’t really control your thoughts/fantasies. You can control actions though, and I certainly have limits as far as what I’ll actually do.

5. What is the most taboo thing you have ever fantasized about doing?

Rape fantasies are probably some of the most taboo ones that I have. Also, fucking serial killers/dangerous men/dead people(as in ghosts, not corpses)/aliens/ beasts/the “devil,” to name a few…

6. Tell us about a fantasy that you have that you don’t ever see yourself actually acting out. Why do you think you will never act it out?

I can’t think of a fantasy I have that I wouldn’t even think of acting out at the moment.

7. Have you ever pretended the person you were having sex with was someone else without telling them?

Not that I can recall.

8. Have you ever tried to make a fantasy a reality only to have it fail miserably? What happened?

I’ve had some situations when I’ve tried to act out a fantasy, and it didn’t happen exactly how I wanted, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying anything has failed miserably.

Bonus: Tell us about your most cherished fantasy. Did you ever live it out? Please give us all the juicy details because that is the kind of people we are.

Honestly I have a lot of different fantasies, and I’m not sure which is my most cherished. I definitely have more fantasies that I haven’t lived out yet than ones that I have, but that’s mostly because I’m constantly coming up with new ones…

TMI Tuesday: Then and Now

1. What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 17 year old you?

Just about everything, I was pretty clueless back then. When I was 17, I had no idea that I had a g-spot, or that massaging it could make me squirt

2. What one thing might shock that younger you?

Again, just about everything… Back then I couldn’t imagine that giving rough oral until I gag would turn me on, that I’d like to be choked, spanked, or slapped in the face. But I guess if I have to pick one thing, I’d say butt play would shock my 17 year old self the most. I never thought I would want to put anything inside my ass, much less have anal sex.

3. What part of the younger you’s (not necessarily at age 17) sex life do you look back on with the most nostalgia?

Honestly, I don’t miss much of my younger sex life. If I have to pick something, I guess the spontaneity of doing it in random places often, like in a parked car in a random neighborhood, or in the ocean while our friends were on the beach, or on a bathroom counter during a work Christmas party. I don’t have much public sex these days. Still, I don’t miss the cops knocking on my car window or getting walked in on by my boyfriend’s stepfather…

4. Is there anything in the younger you’s sexual ambitions or fantasies you have not yet fulfilled?

No, but there are plenty of current ones just waiting to become reality 😉

Bonus:  Give your 17 year old self a piece of sexual advice.

If I have to pick one thing, it would be to ignore everything the Catholic Church/religious Abstinence Only education told me about my body and my sexuality. But if I could give more specific advice, I’d also tell my (16) year old self to read more about sex, mess around with my first sweet boyfriend instead of dumping him for his friend, and not to jerk off the asshole from church who literally begged me until I did it just to shut him up, among about a million other things…

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