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Sex Toy Orgy

It started out with a couple of frisky Mona2 vibes…


But then they decided to invite more friends over to play, and it quickly turned into a full on sex toy orgy, with Mona-on-Mona, Mona-on-Bootie, Bootie-on-Thrill, Mia-on-Crave action, and the The Revel Body looking like a big voyeuristic eyeball watching in the corner.


The sex toy orgy happened at CatalystCon West with Epiphora, Aerie, and Queeraschino Cherry, some of my new amazing sex blogger friends! Stay tuned for a post coming up soon about the awesomeness of the event!

Toy with me Tuesday

Let’s Roll



Since it’s my blog I reserve the right to give my photos cheesy names. Now let’s roll. Sushi & Thai Nipple Clamps, yum. I won them in a Sinful Sunday competition by the way. The nipple clamps, not the sushi. I wouldn’t eat sushi mailed from the UK. But I would eat normal sushi while wearing nipple clamps that look like chopsticks, of course.

Stealth Vibe

Mia is my go to  travel vibe since it resembles a lipstick and can be stealthily stored in my makeup bag as well as pass for a USB drive while charging. So far Mia has been to Spain & Mexico. :)

Call of the Wild


Happy 1st Birthday Toy With Me Tuesday!

This image features my Crystal Minx Tail Plug & The Ultimate Guide to Kink

Toy with me Tuesday