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Jo Class

Do you leave work meetings with a bag full of bottles of lube? I do.

In my latest training class, Jennifer from System Jo told us about the company and its products, answered our questions, and had us feel and sometimes taste various lubricants.  For anyone who is curious about Jo products (and for my coworker who couldn’t make it to the meeting), I would like to share what I learned in Jo class. Please note that this post is not meant to be my personal endorsement of all of the following products, if you want to know more about what I think about them, check back on my blog for individual product reviews that I will post as I try all of the products.

Jo’s beginning
The Jo product line began when a group of doctors asked United Consortium (a nutra-ceutical company) to create a pharmaceutical grade silicone lubricant for women with extreme vaginal dryness.
Jo Premium Silicone Lubricants
-Silicone lubricant is made from sand.
-Not all silicone lubes are created equal; it is important to choose a high quality silicone lubricant.
-Jo Premium is a high quality pharmaceutical grade silicone lubricant
-Evolved Novelties did studies on silicone lube and silicone toy compatibility, and Jo silicone lubes were the only lubricants that did not damage their silicone toys. People who want to use silicone toys and lubes together can use Jo silicone lubes and Evolved (or Tantus) silicone toys (I can vouch for this as well; read my blog about it for more information). There have not been tests on the compatibility of Jo silicone lube with other brands of silicone toys (so don’t mix them unless you want to take the risk of ruining your silicone toy.)
-Other possible uses for silicone lubes: hair smoother, shave cream, skin conditioner, WD 40 replacement
Jo H20 Water Based Lubricants
-Jo H20 water based lubes are designed to be long lasting and feel like silicone
-Jo H20 does contain glycerin but only vegetable based glycerin, which is less likely to be irritating to women than animal based glycerin. If you have a glycerin sensitivity, try Jo’s Agape mentioned below.
Jo Agape Lubricant
-“Agape” means unconditional love in Greek.
-Jo Agape water based lube was created without glycerin, silicone, or oil for sensitive women.
Jo Hybrid Lubricant
-Jo Hybrid Lubricant was designed to combine the best qualities of both silicone and water based lubes so that it is smooth and long lasting like silicone but easy to wash off like water based.
-Jennifer said Hybrid is ok to use with silicone toys.  I am still a little weary of that, to be safe you could try a patch test on the silicone toy you want to use it with.
Jo Lubes’ various viscosities
-The difference between Jo regular lubes, Jo Anal lubes, and Jo Women lubes are their viscosities.
-Jo Women has the thinnest viscosity and is meant to mimic a women’s natural lubricant.
-Classic Jo Premium and H20 lubes have a thicker viscosity than Jo Women.
– Jo Anal Lubes have the thickest viscosity since the anal area doesn’t self lubricate.
Jo Warming and Cooling
-All of the Jo water based and silicone lubes come in both warming and cooling as well.
-The cooling agent in Jo cooling lubes is French Menthol.
-The warming agent in Jo warming lubes is capsaicin (from chili peppers.)
Jo Clitoral and G Spot Gels

– The Jo Clitoral gels are warming and the g spot gels are cooling, but you can use them interchangeably if desired.
-Neither contains L-Arginine, which can cause breakouts in people with Herpes.
Jo H20 Flavored Lubes
– Jo flavored lubes come in a variety of flavors and don’t contain any sugar which can cause yeast infections.
Jo All in One
-Jo All in One can be used as any or all of the following: a silicone lube, massage oil, skin conditioner.
-Comes in a variety of scents (my favorite was Cranberry.)
Jo Foaming Toy Cleanser

-A gentle, body safe foaming cleanser
Jo Pheromone Sprays and Deodorants
-Jo Pheromones are man made
-There are 3 ways to get natural pheromones: from humans (extremely expensive), from pigs (gross), or from coyote urine (grosser)
-Jo Pheromone sprays and deodorants do not have a scent because scents water down the effect of the pheromones when formulated together
-You can layer Jo Pheromones with your normal scents by putting on your normal deodorant or perfume after applying Jo Pheromone deodorant or spray
-Jo Pheromones for Men are the same as Jo Women+Women (but with different packaging)
-Jo Pheromones for Women are the same as Jo Men+Men
-If you want to attract both sexes, you can wear both Jo Women and Jo Men at the same time
Jo Natural Personal Feminine Spray
-For external use only, not a douche
-Meant to help control odor and moisture
-Formulated to help keep women’s pH balance at a normal level
Jo Body Shaving Cream
-Has alcohol to reduce hair growth
-Not a conditioner like many other shave gels (conditioners promote hair growth)
Jo 2 to Tango
-2 lubes that mix together
-The “men’s” lube is a warming, water based lube with some benzocaine for prolonging
-The “women’s” lube is a cooling, silicone based lube
Jo Prolonger Spray
-Contains benzocaine, a numbing agent for prolonging
-Since it is a spray it absorbs quickly so it doesn’t also numb your partner
-No need to rub it in like with a prolonging creamPhotos ©Penny