Tantus is having an EPIC sale!

Tantus’ new nickname should be the silicone fairy godmother, y’all. Right now they are having a seriously EPIC sale of 40% off their already heavily discounted GRAB BAG toys with code MAYBATION. I may have spent over an hour deciding which toys to order. I felt like a little kid in a silicone candy shop. Not only are these awesome toys I’ve been coveting on sale, they come in surprise colors! I may or may not have ordered 6 dildos & a butt plug. Ok, I did:

grabbagsaleIn my defense, not all 3 of those Vamps are for me. One of them is for an epic Vampire Sex Toys Giveaway I’m plotting, and one is for an experiment. I also plan to either give away or use the Ryder for an experiment. As for the others, I’ve always wanted to try one of Tantus’ dildos-with-a-handle, I’ve also wanted to try a dildo with suction cup abilities, and the Leisure seems like it’ll be perfect for pegging (now I just need a harness!)

In case you’re wondering how good of a deal this really is, let me break it down for you:

Normal prices: Echo: $72.16, Echo Handle- $57.65 Leisure: $59.03, Vamp: $48.14, Ryder: $38.44

Grab Bag Prices: Echo: $32.99, Echo Handle- $26.99 Leisure: $26.99, Vamp: $16.99, Ryder: $17.99

Grab Bag Maybation Sale: Echo: $19.80, Echo Handle- $16.19 Leisure: $16.19, Vamp: $10.19, Ryder: $10.80

If you’ve been on the hunt for cheap, high quality, 100% body safe pure silicone sex toys, this is the perfect opportunity! Get them while you can! (Offer good through Sunday May 25th) Please clear your cache & cookies in order for me to get credit for referring you (since I’m now broke & I can’t eat dildos…or can I?)

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