This past weekend at EroticonUSA, I met Graydancer, who showed Jake how to tie me up…at a restaurant…in front of a bunch of people!  I loved it.  (I also had the pleasure of being tied up by Graydancer & a couple of new friends as well.) We also attended his amazing session, Hands on Kink, and while Jake was already curious about rope bondage before, he is very eager to learn now! He bought one of Graydancer’s DVDs and used some of the rope that Lori gave us to give me a quick tie up last night. I got this shot before my wrists were tied as well…

I couldn’t decide which version of the photo I like best, so let me know what you think!


20 thoughts on “Tied”

  1. The kook

    Simply beautiful, blk&gry has always been a thing for me, the way the shadows follow the beautiful curves of your body. The rope lying perfectly in unison, just makes for a stunning shot.

  2. Nero

    OMIGOD – there’s a ‘photos of Penny’ tag/section. How did I not know this? What a smoking bod you have. I love seeing you tied up like that. Pardon my fantasy but I my tongue would so be over your nipples in a heartbeat. I kinda imagine keeping my body off yours, so you can only feel my tongue and lips on you (oh, yeah, you’re n blindfolded btw) and then when you’re truly thrashing in your ropes I’d kneel down and start working on our pussy. Mmmmm…

  3. Amie

    I think the third version is the strongest. The play of greenish blue and purple on the wall is lovely, and it has the most appealing highlights to me. You look gorgeous in all three, of course.

  4. Bill

    My vote would be the black and white photo. But that’s like picking between apple pie, fresh chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake. Who cares since no choice is wrong?!?!

  5. Dan

    The first one! Flesh tones for sure. I absolutely love how you are tied but not disfigured by the rope. Very fine. I learned of your blog just today via Joan Price and I’m a tad younger than she by four years. I usually go for women my own age (65) and don’t actually like perving naked young ladies on the web or in town for that matter. But, I found this shot to be erotic art at its finest core perhaps. Eye grabbing. Classy. The rope/bondage part somehow adds power to the female form here, not detracting. Can’t explain it. I like also how you were able to some of your face you not reveal your identity. Great skill. And, again, what some rope folks do to breasts…well, just doesn’t ring my bell at all. This one? Ding. Ding. I’m sharing this with my wife! Hats and pants off to you my dear.

  6. Molly

    Holy fuck balls…. I wish we had had a private venue for Saturday night… *drifts off to imagine seeing this scene in person.

    As for the images, I love the black and white one but there is something about the edit in the 3rd shot, that has given the shadows more depth, especially around your arm and the tone of your skin in that one is also just stunning…. as is ALL of you


  7. Jade

    I love the warmth of your skin in the top shot – it reminds me of you in person – warm and glowing! 🙂

    So lovely to meet you…and now to “see” you again. 🙂

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