VagCam aka see my vaginal canal during orgasm!


This is a video of my vaginal canal during an orgasm with the Lelo Mona 2! I have a clear speculum in, and I’m using the new Svakom Siime Camera Vibrator ((it used to be called the Gaga)). Keep in mind that I was doing this alone, so I’m holding the camera vibe in one hand & Mona in the other…

My orgasm starts at around 40 seconds. There was no foreplay or anything…I just had the speculum in/Siime plugged in and decided to grab Mona and give it a shot!

Isn’t it amazing though??

Get the Svakom Siime at Lovehoney US, Lovehoney UK & get a clear speculum at Lovehoney US/UK or at Stockroom!

*When I tried using Siime without the speculum, all I saw was a pink blur, so if you want to see like in the video, get a clear speculum!

**Update 3/3/15–So now that some articles about the Siime have come out, I’m getting lots of views on this post/interest in the toy. The Siime is cool for videos like this (but remember it only works with a clear speculum!), but as a vibrator it’s crappy. If you’re looking for a great vibe/sex toy, check out all of my favorites on my Toybox page (they have hearts next to them.) Also, if you’re new here, check out my About Me page!

50 thoughts on “VagCam aka see my vaginal canal during orgasm!”

  1. Holly

    That is so cool, I love the human body! Can really see your muscles working like you said around that 40 second mark, now I want one too!x

  2. steve

    what an extraordinary movie…to suddenly see what I’ve previously only felt is literally a revelation…and so deeply erotic:) you’ve changed my world a little!

  3. dizzygirl

    Good call on using the speculum. Looks like that’s what you need to make the Gaga work right. Sadly, I don’t have a speculum and they kinda scare me anyway so, I’ll probably just end up with a pink blur.

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  9. physical ed

    penny,ty soooo much for this blog,you just saved me $300! that cam vibe is obviously a gimmick piece of crap,and if it really did what they advertised,they’d have their own porn site. thanks again! (quick question,penny:do you think the video was blurry because of the vibration or are you just too tight?)

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