Waterfall Nymph

This week was a busy one for  me, and since Jake’s family was in town as well and staying with us, I didn’t have any time or privacy to take an image for Sinful Sunday. I still wanted to play along, so I’ve pulled this photo from my archives. I never shared it anywhere after the shoot, and since I’ve shared more “risque” images recently, I’m past the point of worrying about nudity (plus I really like this photo!) I got the idea for the title from Molly’s lovely Sinful Sunday image “Water Nymph,” which you should definitely check out as well.

Waterfall NymphPhoto of me by Studiocaze.

This image was featured as a top photo in the Sinful Sunday Round-up! Thanks Molly! It’s also my 2nd Scavenger Hunt image, in the Waterfall category. (See my 1st Scavenger Hunt image here.)

Sinful Sunday


25 Responses to “Waterfall Nymph”

  1. KaziGrrl says:

    Oohhh, gorgeous!! I love this :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Evoë Thorne says:

    OMG! That’s stunning. Thank you so much for sharing. Where was this taken?

  3. Mitsu says:

    Wow, this is an amazing image. It looks like it’s from an old erotic fairy tale book. Beautiful.

  4. MissJuly says:

    Lovely!! Makes me wonder what you seem so into and whether you are trying to sit or have just gotten up. Either way, my oh my!! I can’t take my eyes off it especially your breast which seem to take over in the picture.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  5. Agatha-luise says:


    I have to agree with Mitsu that it does seem like the photo is from an old fairy tale book. Both Molly’s past photo and this photo should have a nymph series together!

  6. Rose says:

    Gorgeous picture, makes me wish I had waterfalls anywhere near!

  7. Simply stunning!

    Rebel xox

  8. Silverdrops says:

    The photo is breathtaking, as are you. :)

  9. Bunny says:

    Are you ever anything but crazy gorgeous?! Seriously, when I get my hair wet I look like a drowned rat! Stunning picture as usual.

  10. fridayam says:

    Utterly delightful, and yes fairy-tale like;) x

  11. Hubman says:

    Once again, you are just absolutely stunning!

  12. I love this, as I loved Molly’s. Agreed it is very fairy tale like, and I like how your curves echo the landmark above you, and you are a soft woman framed by the hard but somehow embracing surroundings.

  13. Molly says:

    Quite simply stunning! I wish I had locations like this available to me… and the icing on the cake would be finding you there too


  14. Harper Eliot says:

    Gosh – this is really quite stunning. Love the texture of the rough earth contrasted with your smooth skin. Gorgeous.

  15. Imwakinit says:

    Absolutely amazing.

  16. this girl says:

    Why are you not getting paid to do this?

  17. Beck says:

    I totally need to know where I can go to join you. You’re stunning. Naturally you’re beautiful. I love this picture.


  18. jemima101 says:

    Speechless at the beauty and eroticism of this…

  19. Malflic says:

    What an absolutely stunning photo.

  20. Gemma Jones says:

    What they all said!! I don’t think I could add anything else.

  21. Utterly breathtaking – I am lost for words!

    Also, you can claim this for the Scavenger Hunt, if you wish. Waterfall is a category :)

    xx Dee

  22. You continually top yourself week, after week. I am just without words. Stunningly, breathtakingly gorgeous.

  23. longchamp tote says:

    great post, I am interesting in it!

  24. Dan says:

    Love the way your back follows the contour of the rock; and that your delightfully beautiful and naked. What is it about a waterfall that just yells out, “What are you doing with your clothes on there? Join me!”

    As I did a couple weeks back. And invited my wife to join me for a quick pic. She was too shy; I was not. I’m sure we broke some law. We were in a public park and nobody was around for a brief moment. It is a wonder how quickly one can get naked for a quick pic. Thanks for the inspiration to do so.

    • Penny says:

      Thanks Dan! I agree, there is something about waterfalls that reminds me of paradise and just makes me want to get naked and in the water!

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