Why Dirty?

Some people have a problem with describing sex as dirty, since it can suggest that sex is a negative, degrading, or morally corrupt thing. I don’t believe sex is dirty in the “morally unclean, corrupt, shameful” definition.

But I like the word dirty when used playfully, and I so I choose to use it in that way. When I say dirty I mean sexy, lustful, hot, unrestrained, shameless, passionate, horny, arousing, hard, wet, etc…

3 thoughts on “Why Dirty?”

  1. Steve

    It is hard to believe you only have 200 followers on Twitter. Your content is great and I am intrigued by you and look forward to your posts! Thanks for taking the time for us.

  2. Dan

    I’ve heard the same about Dark. As in Dark Eros. That dark is bad always. Hey, the light needs the dark to even have meaning, no?

    I read the Purity Myth a while back, was so impressed I had Amazon mail it to my daughter. She later confessed (in her early 20s) that she was afraid to read it! Valenti’s whole title is: The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity Is Hurting Young Women by Jessica Valenti. Indeed, many are hurt and killed in the name of pure and clean, no? And as you seem to say, Dark and even Dirty can heal. Gotta love the new Poop Pill therapy that is saving lives:


    So I agree w/ the play thing. I love calling my wife my “dear nasty”. So, yes. Up with messy and frolicking in the mud! Kids understand this. Grown-ups need to play, too.

    Love your blog.

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